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Bacon – the ‘Uber of hourly work’ app helps Davis County workers find jobs

Sep 09, 2022 10:20AM ● By Becky Ginos

Drew Tuggle used the Bacon app to get temporary work at Fusion Imaging in Kaysville and has now been hired on permanently. Photo by Tiffany Luke-Jones

KAYSVILLE—Hunter Sebresos grew up in a home with a single mom who was raising five kids while going to school and trying to work a full-time job. At one point, she had a bit of a breakdown and had to go to the hospital. She needed a lot of help back then and one way would have been a more flexible work schedule. That’s why several years later Sebresos started his company Bacon.Work to match employees with employers on a temporary basis.

“In 2018 when I started this company I looked at my mom and she had graduated with a master’s degree, raised all her kids and sent them off to college and then had a successful career,” said Sebresos. “She’s saying I’m retired but I’d like to work a couple of shifts somewhere just to stay busy and make a little extra money. So I realized there are people in her previous situation that need help and could use some flexibility and there are people that would like to still stay busy and would like to be able to use their time.”

Bacon started in Provo and their first client was the Utah Valley Conference Center, he said. “We were in Utah only but we’ve grown to 18 markets and 13 different states. We’re doing sports stadiums like Rio Tinto, University of Utah, even outside of Utah, the Dallas Cowboys stadium, Vegas Raiders, Detroit Pistons, those types of things.”

They also do warehouse and fulfillment work, said Sebresos. “There are tons of companies out there that have a small warehouse or do fulfillment work on behalf of other companies and we’re placing workers into those places all the time and even some companies that have light manufacturing.”

Sebresos said there’s a couple of companies in Davis County that they’ve worked with for quite a while. “Drift is a Davis County company that manufactures home goods like these cards you can put underneath your sun visor in your car that will have kind of a scent. Stylish products that look cool. They’ve done 600 shifts this year.”

Users can download the Bacon app for free and start looking for jobs that interest them, he said. “There are no fees and companies get great people. The company gets charged once a person has come to do the work for them.”

Bacon does a background check and screening to make sure a person has the qualifications for the job, said Sebresos. “We want to be able to send the right people to the right job. We want them to have success rather than the company having concerns.”

It’s different than a temp agency, he said. “The challenge with those is the company has to enter into a contract and only have service as needed. A temp is assigned to go to a certain place and they’re more interested in the person just showing up.”

Bacon has an open marketplace where people can choose where they want to go, Sebresos said. “We don’t stand in the way of great people finding a great company.”

It’s not a location, it's an app done by phone, he said. “It’s taking care of staffing needs in today’s day and age.”

People want to have consistent workflows, said Sebresos. “Thousands of people have found jobs and when they hire on full time we celebrate with them.”

Jason Fonnesbeck is the production manager at Fusion Imaging in Kaysville and has been using Bacon for his staffing needs. “We’ve been using Bacon for three years. We started right before COVID. It’s been a great experience for us. Our workflow goes up and down so we can set up staffing per job. Employees can get scheduled for one day or three weeks. Some like to get a paycheck every day. It’s flexible, it can be short-term or long-term. We’ve really liked it.”

Drew Tuggle works at Fusion and found the job through Bacon. “I was between jobs and my financial situation was overwhelming, he said. “I discovered the service and was able to do a shift and get paid. I was able to get a job that was fulfilling so I’m grateful for that. It just all lined up perfectly.” λ