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Freedom’s Light Festival brings history alive

Sep 30, 2022 11:02AM ● By Becky Ginos

CaNnons were fired and on display at the festival where there were 41 interactive exhibits and other activities. Photos by Roger V. Tuttle

BOUNTIFUL—Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and other Founding Fathers turned up at Bountiful Park last week for the Freedom’s Light Festival to celebrate the Constitution. The annual event is held on the anniversary of its founding on Sept. 17.

The park was filled with volunteers who portrayed historical figures and interactive exhibits and activities. There was even a Colonial press and a live cannon firing.

“We had some fantastic, great presenters,” said organizer Dalane England. “Everyone’s a volunteer. They portray someone they respect. We had over 150 volunteers.”

The festival is in its 15th year, she said. “History teachers are required to teach the Constitution on Sept. 17 but there’s not a curriculum and many of them didn’t know enough about it. We decided to create a forum that would give teachers a way to experience and interactively teach about the Founding Fathers and mothers.”

England said they teach the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. “It’s the whole package. We want kids to learn how the people of character created such a successful nation.” 

“I’ve always been interested in our Founding Fathers,” said George Landrith who was portraying Thomas Jefferson. “I lived in Alexandria. I was seven minutes from George Washington’s house. I started studying Hamilton, Adams and Franklin. They were great men.”

“There are miracles that happened in history that brought about our country that I hadn’t realized,” said Carola Michel who portrayed Mercy Ottis Warren. “Kids need to know what a great history we have.” λ