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Flint named Davis Chamber’s Legacy Award recipient

Sep 30, 2022 11:19AM ● By Becky Ginos

KAYSVILLE—Recently retired Weber Basin Water General Manager Tage Flint has been selected as the Davis Chamber’s Legacy Award recipient and will be honored at the upcoming Annual Awards Banquet on Sept. 29.

This prestigious award is given to those individuals or institutions that have demonstrated a significant positive impact on Davis County, sustained over years, the chamber said.

“This came as a total shock,” said Flint. “I’ve seen the quality of recipients and I’m sure they are more deserving than me. I’m humbled by it and I’ll never take it for granted. It means a tremendous lot to me.”

Flint went into the water industry right out of college. “I got a degree in civil engineering, infrastructure and science,” he said. “Then I got an MBA.”

He was with the Jordan Valley Water District for 14 years. “We provided water for all of Salt Lake County,” said Flint. “Then I came to Weber Basin Water. My father was previously the general manager for 21 years.”

Flint said they covered five counties across the state. “It gave me the opportunity to be selected in leadership positions in outside industries such as the Utah Defense Alliance. I continue to do that. It’s afforded me to work with a great organization to serve the community and have the opportunity to further the cause of water issues in Utah.”

He has also enjoyed working with lawmakers. “It’s been great working with the representatives in Washington, D.C. and the Utah legislators. We’ve had a good dialogue and working with military defense has been a pleasure.”

Flint has served on several boards and committees. Most notably, he has served on the international board of American Water Works Association, is commissioner on the Utah Water Development Commission and member of the Utah Water Task Force. He serves on the Salt Lake and Davis chambers of commerce boards of governors, Utah Water Users Association board, and co-chairs the Governor’s State Water Advisory Team. Flint is the recipient of lifetime service awards from National Water Resources Association, American Water Works Association, and multiple state industry groups.

Currently, he is the General Manager of Crescent F, L.L.C. “It’s a consulting company to help manage water usage and show water issues in the state,” said Flint.

Certainly the population is going to continue to grow, he said. “It’s predicted it will double in the next four and a half decades. We need to carefully plan for our water supply. Water is a finite resource so we need to use it even more efficiently.”

Flint said he’s encouraged by the state’s population over the last 10 years. “All of us are using less on our gardens. Farmers as well. It’s the bridge during such a terrible drought.”

The majority of water is used on the outside, he said. “We need to get that usage down. That’s the goal and I’m confident we will. If we start running out, usually Utahns will respond.”

Flint’s father also received the Legacy Award 20 years ago. “It means a lot,” said Flint. “I saw how much it meant to him. I was able to see what he did and I was always fascinated by all that. It was always my interest.”

The Davis Chamber is one of the best chambers in Utah, he said. “Their relationship with our state lawmakers is second to none and I’ve worked with a lot of them. They should be congratulated for representing the county and commerce so well.”

For those who would like to attend the Davis Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Banquet on Sept. 29 please contact Amberlee Bauman at [email protected] or call 801-593-2207.  λ