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Centerville business receives a $250K sponsorship

Oct 03, 2022 09:45AM ● By Peri Kinder

Centerville business, BrightBox, was awarded a $250K sponsorship after being selected by America First Credit Union and the Utah Jazz as the winner of the Small-Business Spotlight Contest.

Shea Workman’s business, BrightBox, spreads smiles one small gift at a time. The Centerville-based company allows customers to curate the perfect package for a friend, family member or employee who could use some appreciation or recognition. 

Workman received a gift herself when BrightBox was selected by America First Credit Union and its partner, the Utah Jazz, as the grand-prize winner of its inaugural Small-Business Spotlight Contest. BrightBox received a $250,000 single-season sponsorship to promote the company’s mission of spreading happiness.

“I was so excited. We felt like this would be the next big step to really help us up-level our business,” Workman said. “They were looking for a company who really was committed to building the community. I think our product is really centered on trying to help build up the community and help people. They could see the potential we have in this business and how far we have yet to go.”

BrightBox beat out more than 150 other small businesses vying for the prize that includes business and marketing strategy meetings with Utah Jazz and America First Credit Union executives. 

“Small businesses are integral to the Utah community,” said Tammy Gallegos, EVP Chief Strategic Engagement Officer at AFCU. “America First is honored to provide the resources and tools to help small businesses succeed. Whatever their goals may be, we are proud to be part of their journey. Thank you to our partner, the Utah Jazz, for providing a platform for small businesses, and congratulations to BrightBox and all the finalists.”

Workman started the business in 2017 when she couldn’t find an easy, inexpensive way to send a friend a thoughtful gift. She said looking in stores was time-consuming, and shopping online for a gift box was too expensive. 

She decided to do it herself and started creating gift boxes in her home garage. Workman then moved her company to North Salt Lake when business picked up and now BrightBox has relocated to Centerville and continues to grow. 

“I grew up in Centerville so I’m coming back to my roots, I love it,” Workman said. “I love that there’s so much opportunity and things nearby, but also the community that’s here, and there are so many good people.”

BrightBox products include a confetti card, a curated and pre-selected mood box, or a build-your-own box for as little as $5. With more than 98,000 customers and 13 employees, Workman’s next concept is to create a business line of BrightBox gifts for employers to give to employees or clients. 

“Having an easy, customizable and affordable way to show appreciation or recognition would be extremely important and valued in the workplace,” Workman said. “We’re working to expand this business outreach and grow even more in that area.”

Finalists in the contest were evaluated on how well they represent Utah, how much they give back to the community, and how this opportunity will help them achieve their business goals. The finalists were picked by a panel of judges composed of AFCU and Utah Jazz representatives, as well as community and business leaders. 

“We are happy to partner with America First Credit Union that believes in small businesses,” said Utah Jazz CCO, Chris Barney. “The small business spotlight supports and emphasizes how essential small businesses are to our local community. Congratulations to the winner and all other finalists.”

Entrepreneurship runs in the family. Her husband, Kurt Workman, started the baby sleep monitoring tech company Owlet. They are raising three children in Farmington where Workman said she values the schools, beauty and mountains in the city. Visit for more info. λ