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New YCC members sworn in by Fruit Heights city officials

Oct 06, 2022 11:40AM ● By Karen Painter

In September, Fruit Heights City swore in 21 new members of its Youth City Council. They promised to serve faithfully and support, obey, and defend the constitution of the United States, the laws of the State of Utah, and the policies of Fruit Heights City.

The new council members are Mylie Baughman, Bella Burt, Mylee Burton, Jeniel Byers, Carson Cox, Grayson Davis, Kylee Davis, Tyson Davis, Addison Dugdale, Scott Groberg, Lucy Groberg, Adeline Heimstra, Sabrina Jackson, Landon Jacobs, William Langeland, Eli Nielsen, Naomi Nielsen, Lucy Oliver, Lydia Ray, Lyllee Taft, and Ella Jane Williams. 

Lucy Groberg is the new mayor. She is a senior at Davis High and has served on the council for four years.  

“I am excited to serve as the mayor this year and help more kids find ways to serve each other and the city,” she said. “I love the opportunities the Youth Council has given me to branch out and help the citizens in unique ways.” 

The new Mayor Pro-Tem is William Langeland. He plays the trumpet in the Davis High band and loves to read. This will be his second year with the YCC. 

“I had a great experience. I met a lot of new people and did lots of fun activities which made me want to come back,” Langeland said. 

In addition to the new youth council members, the council has new advisors, Jon and Jeanne Groberg. They are replacing Chuck and Paula Stephensen who served as advisors for the last three years. One of their daughters was previously on the council and now their daughter, Lucy, is the new mayor and their son, Scott, is on the council.  

“It’s been an amazing experience to watch [each youth council] grow, learn, and step up,” Chuck Stephenson said. 

Jon and Jeanne Groberg are originally from Bountiful and have lived in Fruit Heights for the last fourteen years. Jeanne served as a member of the Fruit Heights City Council and stepped down in January 2022. She was a liaison with the YCC for the last four years. 

“I hope this year will be fun and creative. They are awesome kids with different interests all over the place.  I am looking forward to a great year,” she said. 

Ella Jane Williams loves to play tennis. Lucy Oliver, Eli Nielsen, and Naomi Nielsen play instruments in the Davis High Band. Lyllee Taft and Mylie Baughman love music. Grayson Davis rides mountain bikes while Carson Cox plays basketball. Sabrina Jackson, Jeniel Byers, and Mylee Burton love to dance. 

All the youth council members are excited to serve their community and learn more about local government. 

“It is a great opportunity to serve, learn life skills, and have fun,” Jackson said. 

Jackson and the other YCC members will pattern their meetings after their governing body. They will learn how to run a meeting, prepare agendas, make motions, and plan service-oriented projects in the community.  

“Our mayor has an emphasis on of rather us telling the kids what to do, to let them be creative on what to do, and let them lead,” Jeanne Groberg said.

Youth council member Lyllee Taft is excited to help plan activities.

“I want to help people in the city feel a sense of belonging and knowing they are looked out for,” she said. 

Jeanne Groberg hopes the Youth City Council will come with a good attitude and readiness to be a part of a team and to work together. 

“I hope we can learn together and have a lot of fun. I hope they learn service is rewarding and being involved with your community and doing good is fun,” she said. 

Youth Council member Mylie Baughman agreed. “I love serving others and Fruit Heights is a great place to live and I can’t wait for what’s in store.” λ