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Busy Bountiful Bees are hiding along Main

Nov 04, 2022 11:53AM ● By Becky Ginos

BOUNTIFUL—Something is a buzz on Main Street in Bountiful. Hidden in a variety of places, the savvy hunter can find six bronze bees depicting activities going on in the city. Find all six and there’s a prize in store.

“Angela Pitt came up with the idea a couple of years ago,” said Rebecca Hatch, Community Affairs Specialist of the Public Art Program. “The city manager and council wanted some interactive art that would cater to children. She’d seen other cities do it and came up with the idea of bees. When I came on it was their goal to have the bees come to reality.”

The public art advisory board and volunteers from the community brought ideas before the city for approval, she said. “They commissioned local sculptor artist Mike Lee to come up with some designs and cast six bees in bronze. The city gave him the freedom to make up the designs and get them approved a few at a time. He was involved in many aspects of the design and poses and finally came to these bees.” 

They came up with the Bountiful Bees on Main, said Hatch. “It’s how busy Bountiful Bees come together and work together. We also want to educate everyone about the background of bees and how to take care of them. There are a lot of beekeepers here.”

The city gave Lee a list of activities that had to do with Bountiful and Utah, she said. “We weren’t aiming it at businesses that just happened to be what it landed on.”

The bees depict activities residents can relate to, Hatch said. “There’s a soccer bee, a bee eating ice cream, one that is shopping, another playing the guitar, a gardening one and one that is reading.”

Each bee is six inches tall and hidden along Main Street, she said. “There are clues on our web page or a QR code to help find the bees. Once you find all the bees you take a picture of all of them and go to the BDAC to get a bee sticker and a bee reward.”

Hatch said they invite families to walk Main Street. “It’s the best way to search for them and at the same time spend time with your family.”

The bees were unveiled on Oct. 27 and are just waiting to be found.λ