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Student school board member is all about service

Dec 01, 2022 11:26AM ● By Becky Ginos

Syracuse senior McKayla Redmond and her friends. Redmond is one of two student school board members that work with SBOs from all of the high schools in Davis County. Courtesy photo

FARMINGTON—School is up and running and so is the newest student board member McKayla Redmond. Redmond is one of two seniors who will work with the board for the school year. 

“I really like to do service and acts of kindness,” said Redmond, who is a student at Syracuse High. “I want to give back to high school students in the area and learn to work alongside others and use communication skills that will prepare me for the future.”

Redmond said her principal asked her if she’d like to do it because he thought she’d be a good candidate. “He put my name out there and I was picked to be on the board.”

Part of her duties is to be on the Student Advisory Committee. “We meet with the SBOs in the district once a month after every board meeting,” she said. “We give them suggestions on ways they can be a leader in their school and push others to be the best they can be. They also pitch in ideas and we ask the SBOs how they have used the things from the meeting to better their schools.”

Besides her service on the board, Redmond participates in several activities at her school. “I’m part of the drill team and dance company,” she said. “I’m an advisor for the multicultural club. We meet once a month and students come and learn about different cultures and their history. I also love the performing arts and singing.”

Service is very important to her as well. “I’m part of Caring4Crowns at the Ronald McDonald House,” said Redmond. “I play with the kids and help with breakfast. I also work with Saint Joseph Mission’s fashion show. They put that together to raise money for children in Africa. I was in the fashion show and modeled and danced. It was super fun.”

Redmond said her mother is her biggest influence. “She is a therapist for teenagers. I see her serving the community and I want to be a part of that. I’m naturally a helpful person and I want to do as much as I possibly can to see people thrive.”

After high school, Redmond would like to attend the University of Utah to study medicine. “In my future career I would like to be a medical forensic scientist or trauma surgeon,” she said. “The medical field is so interesting. I’m taking a medical forensics class and a program outside of the high school with the U of U.”

The program teaches STEM skills and science and gives hands-on experience, said Redmond. “We learn how to study different cases and learn critical thinking and tech to figure out how to solve cases. We go out dusting for fingerprints. It’s a little messy but fun.”

A medical forensic scientist goes into a crime scene and takes pictures, she said. “They record all of the evidence and take it back to the lab for DNA testing and testify in court about the evidence that they found.”

Redmond took AP Spanish and was in the Spanish immersion program growing up. “I switched to French because I want to learn as many languages as possible. I love English, fashion design studio and art history.”

Being on the school board is pushing her to get out of her comfort zone, said Redmond. “I’m learning how to use those leadership skills.”

The district has had some challenges, she said. “My goal is to help with change in the district. I want to make sure everyone is being heard. Sometimes when kids talk to adults they are dismissed because of their age. I want to give them the opportunity to let their voices be heard.” λ