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Kids hit the target in after school archery class

Jan 05, 2023 11:34AM ● By Becky Ginos

Fatima Ramirez pulls back on her bow aiming at the targets made from Christmas piñatas. The archery class is part of an after school program at Woods Cross Elementary. Photo by Becky Ginos

WOODS CROSS—Kids at Woods Cross Elementary are hitting the bullseye at an after school archery class that teaches more than the skills of using a bow and arrow – it gives them a sense of belonging.
“These kids might not necessarily be athletic,” said Sara Callahan, a fifth grade teacher who helps with the class. “Here they might find a place to excel. It’s a program that they can get excited for at the end of the day.”
P.E. teacher Kristin Whitmill leads the class and one of the student’s dad volunteers to assist. “It’s been going for two years,” said Callahan. “This is the first year I’ve done it. Most of the kids think it’s a lot of fun. A couple brought their own bows.”
“I like coming here,” said Fifth grader Jackson Holt. “I did it last year and I have a bow at home where I’m practicing shooting.”
This is Sonny Baca’s first year in the archery program. “My friends told me it was good,” he said. “I thought I’d try it to see if it’s good and I like it. We learn about safety rules and about bows. I want to get one (bow) sometime. We have fun over here.”
“The great thing is it’s optional,” Callahan said. “They only come if they want to.”