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Interior design course teaches about feelings

Jan 05, 2023 11:49AM ● By Alisha Copfer

Laneel Perry decorates a Christmas tree that belonged to her mother while reminiscing of the times they spent together. Photo by Laneel Perry

For those who have ever felt the need to feng shui their home, Laneel Perry has the answer. She teaches an interior design class through Canyon Heights Adult Learning Center twice a year. These classes take place once in the fall and again during the winter, with the next classes starting on Jan. 17 and Jan. 18, 2023.
Each class is about two hours long with instruction from Perry about interior design. This is a six-week course. Students are able to attend these classes at either Layton High School or Woods Cross High. Those interested can sign up online at or email Perry at [email protected].
Perry received her interior design degree from Utah State University and now owns Design Dezign as a freelance designer. She has worked with many different people to design their spaces, from hospitals and offices to residential and commercial spaces.
“I love working in homes because that’s where you can get really personal,” said Perry. 
Designing is exciting Perry said because of her unique outlook on interior design. “My favorite aspect of interior design is my different approach. I have a very unique style in that I don’t follow the trends or what’s current. I’ve learned to design by following discovery and love.”
Perry said in a Facebook post about the fall classes that the interior design class is great for anyone thinking about majoring in interior design, those who are interested in where to start in the interior design process or those who are curious or fascinated with interior design and want to learn more.
Some of the things students will learn during class are design principles and elements. They will also learn about different styles, space planning, furniture layout, the emotion of color, art placement and even accessorizing. Over the course of six weeks, students should be able to learn enough about interior design to recognize if it is a career they want to pursue.
“I love teaching about design because I’m passionate about it,” said Perry. “I do it because I love it.” Perry talks about how she turns interior design into a personal discovery. “I believe that our homes should tell the story of the people who live there. So, when you choose to bring in things that you love, you bring in you.”
Perry wrote her first book in 2018, titled “This is Me...An Out Loud Experience.” Her book is a reflection of memories, key moments and experiences that shaped her personality. She plans on writing a second book that will contain some of the curriculum she has developed for these classes.
When Perry started teaching nearly 10 years ago, she had never considered being a teacher before. Her mother encouraged her to look into it despite Perry’s reservations. “Mom, I am not a teacher,” said Perry about the conversation. “There is no way I want to dive into teaching after my experiences. My mother replied that was exactly why I should reach out to others and show them my light.”
While she was extremely nervous during her first class, she now doesn’t even need notes. “These classes are about the students,” said Perry. “I love walking into a full class; it makes me feel like I can make a difference.”
Perry describes the class demographic as broad and can include anyone from those who are looking to start a design career to at-home DIYers. She typically teaches classes with 12 to 15 students. However, her last couple of classes have had an average of five. “It’s all about the individual and how they want their space to feel,” said Perry. “Design is always a feeling…it evokes feeling.”