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Jan 12, 2023 11:35AM ● By John Waterbury

Eventually, if we don’t give up, and we do what needs to be done, things settle down in life, both inside and out. We finally realize that life is not an endurance contest, but it becomes a work of art as what we choose, we create.  As time passes, patterns are established and a composition materializes in which everything we do, and everything that’s done to us, somehow becomes transformed onto the canvas of our soul.

As this miracle of transformation takes place, our senses expand and merge into a kaleidoscope of intuition, perception, and awareness, resulting in sensations that alter our personalities. And somewhere in this process, we begin to notice that we’re more balanced, more complete, and more alive to the sensations in and around us.

We discover an inner voice, a guiding voice, that leads us to greater personal acceptance, and less inner conflict. The world itself does not change, but something inside of us does; somehow things are different. In essence, the calm before the storm occurs, and expands, until there is no storm.

We become more aware of the current in life that is life-giving, life altering, and life-enhancing, and we become more able to focus on the significance of the journey and less on the confusion and fear.

We finally understand that self-fulfilling prophesies only become reality as we become the prophet.  And with that awareness, we develop a greater capacity to understand and accept that the responsibility for this process lies directly on our shoulders. For in life, there are either excuses or results; and excuses don’t count.  

With this new awakening, we realize that if we really believe in the beauty of eternity, then we must learn to appreciate the splendor of each day. For without this appreciation, there is participation in life, but no real freedom. Freedom in life is dependent upon freedom of choice, but freedom of choice often comes with regrets.   

Eventually, even though the pain and problems don’t disappear completely, everything tends to fall into place; even the past. We accept that we weren’t perfect and that mistakes were made. But that was then, and this is now.  And then we move on. In this manner, we finally get a glimpse of eternity as we realize that we’re part of something much greater than we are.  And as we take part in this never-ending state of change, we begin to understand that, undoubtedly, everything is as it should be. 

John Waterbury is a retired Clinical Mental Health Counselor who has lived in Utah since 1984 when he moved to Bountiful with his wife and four children. Since then, he has written a weekly column for several years for the Davis County Clipper titled “The Dear John Letters” which was also used throughout the intermountain West focusing on addiction and mental health problems. This new column will focus on mental health and life management issues.