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Homegrown fine dining new in Davis County

Jan 20, 2023 11:20AM ● By Alisha Copfer

The Vessel Kitchen staff, led by co-founder Brian Reeder, prepares special food bites for a pre-grand opening party. Photo by Alisha Copfer

FARMINGTON—Looking for good-tasting, affordable, healthy, yet quick food options in Davis County? Vessel Kitchen just opened its sixth location in Farmington to serve its fans in the area better.

“We are tremendously thankful to have the opportunity to bring our culinary ideas to life to be enjoyed by more people,” said Nick Gradinger, Co-Founder of Vessel Kitchen. “At every turn, we have strived to put our team first and stay true to who we are as a brand, and we believe that, paired with the overwhelming community support, has made all the difference.”

Gradinger and Brian Reeder started the concept for Vessel Kitchen in 2016 in Park City. Gradinger is originally from San Diego, California, and came to Utah about 10 years ago. He started working in Kimball Junction and quickly realized the disparity of restaurants in the area. “I started paying attention to the culinary life, and I felt like we could do better,” said Gradinger.

Reeder met Gradinger shortly after, and they “hit it off from moment one,” he said. They both agreed that they didn’t want to sacrifice quality or taste for the cost of running the business. A few short months later, Roe’e Levy joined the team as the restaurant’s Culinary Director.

“Between a mountain of fast food and a handful of great restaurants out of reach for daily dining, we saw an opportunity for something better: a fine dining vibe at fast, casual affordability and convenience,” says Vessel’s website, “Bright, clean and authentic. Scratch preparation and flavors from around the world. This may be an uncommon concept, but it’s every day at Vessel.”

Vessel Kitchen prides itself on having great-tasting, high-quality food while remaining affordable. Everything is made fresh from scratch and has a Mediterranean twist with Asian and Latin influences, but it is described as New American comfort food. Gradinger describes this as “cuisine agnostic.” No matter what eating style people have, they can always find something at Vessel that fits their needs and tastes, from keto to gluten-free.

Although Vessel Kitchen opened its first doors in 2016 at the location in Midvale, they have branched out quickly. Gradinger described the events starting in Park City, “but looked at the valley and knew that we needed to be down there.” They were even able to complete construction and open the doors to the 9th and 9th location in 2020, all during COVID. “It was a really challenging time but really rewarding,” said Gradinger.

And they are still trying to lower prices while bettering their menu. They have so much variety available that anyone can eat there two to three times a week and not get bored with the menu options. “We’re your neighbors; we take so much pride in being a homegrown company, and we never want to lose sight of that small-family feel.”

The new Farmington location features classic Vessel elements that guests have come to expect from this unique restaurant concept but will also play on the owners’ desire to innovate and experiment through the addition of new restaurant characteristics, such as an open-format kitchen design. The storefront will also debut an overhauled design aesthetic celebrating the new while honoring Vessel’s roots through the addition of natural tones and woodland designs, paying homage to the first restaurant in Park City.