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Kaysville City Manager takes new position in Summit County

Jan 30, 2023 01:07PM ● By Becky Ginos

Shayne Scott has been the Kaysville City Manager for six and a half years. His last day is Feb. 6 and he starts his new position Feb. 7. Photo courtesy of Shayne Scott

KAYSVILLE—Shayne Scott has been the Kaysville City Manager for six and half years and now he’s headed to Summit County to start the next chapter of his professional life. Scott replaced John Thacker after he retired in 2016. 

“Living and working in Kaysville the past six and a half years has been the best time of my life, both professionally and personally,” said Scott. “I leave Kaysville with reluctance because of the relationships that will change.”

Scott graduated in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) from Utah State University and worked as the GIS Coordinator for Washington County for five years.

“I love GIS and Cartography but I knew after a few years I did not want to do GIS my entire career,” he said. “It was at this time I chose to get a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.”

Scott said he really enjoyed budgeting and managing people. “I felt I had a knack for it. After many applications and failed attempts to crack into city management, I was named the City Manager of Parowan City in 2010. I spent six years there as City Manager before moving to Kaysville to take the City Manager position here.”

There are so many things about the city that have made his time there rewarding, he said. “Kaysville has its own power company which makes the city unique and challenging in a different way than other communities. I have always loved that Kaysville has embraced being a bedroom community focusing on parks, trails and livability.”

Scott said he is proud of the many projects he was involved in the last six years. “That includes grants to connect fiber infrastructure to city facilities, a grant to install 20 Electric Vehicle charging stations in four locations in the city, remodeling City Hall and Pioneer Park construction.”

Also Automated Smart Meter installation, economic development success stories and so much more, he said. “While we have done so many fun and exciting projects since I have been here, what I am most proud of is that we did not do any of this alone.”

City staff is what makes this position so hard to leave, said Scott. “Some staff live in Kaysville and some live outside the city. But all of our more than 120 full-time employees are dedicated to providing the best, most efficient, services to Kaysville residents.”

Scott said he was not proactively looking to leave Kaysville but this new position in Summit County is very exciting. “I haven’t worked for a county in more than 15 years. There are challenges and opportunities in Summit County and all counties that cities don’t have.”

Summit County is heavily involved in transit projects, affordable housing challenges and specifically in an open space land initiative, he said. “That will be so fun to continue to bring to realization.”

There is a unique environment in Summit County where rural cities exist in the same area as Park City, Scott said. “I am very excited to connect with individuals in both of those unique spaces and feel I am uniquely set up to be successful in doing so.”

It’s been such a blessing to wake up each morning excited about the day, he said. “Excited about my job and what might happen next in our city. But I am also very excited and confident about having the same experience in Summit County.”

Scott said he is leaving Kaysville with his head held high, feeling that he is leaving Kaysville in a great situation and with a bright future. “This isn’t because of anything I did on my own. But working with the staff and the wonderful elected officials over the past six years has Kaysville poised for success for years to come.”