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All roads lead to golf for this couple’s private facility

Jan 30, 2023 02:08PM ● By Alisha Copfer

Ben Parker, owner of Private Indoor Golf (The P.I.G.), takes a swing at a golf ball to show how the club’s technology works. Photo by Alisha Copfer

WOODS CROSS—Tall 20-foot ceilings, a huge hitting screen with 4K projection, a large open space and plenty of privacy make for the perfect indoor golfing opportunity. “We always get comments about how big the space is,” said Amy Parker, owner of Private Indoor Golf. Amy and her husband, Ben, own the indoor golf facility and are excited to see it grow.

“Indoor golf has really exploded over the past couple of years, largely due to COVID,” said Ben. “You could still play while social distancing.” Ben explained that the sport has had a huge boom, especially for women and juniors, over the past couple of years.

The technology used at Private Indoor Golf, affectionately nicknamed The P.I.G., is the gold-standard Trackman. Several cameras record a golfer’s swing and then give instant feedback about the club’s use. Members of the exclusive club enjoy unlimited access and use of this technology for training, games and over 200 virtual courses.

The Trackman system is one of the things that makes The P.I.G. so unique. With its 29 data points that track every movement, this technology can help any golfer with their game. The system uses duo-doppler radar to measure everything about a golfer’s swing, angle and ball curve. “Yes, it’s a game,” said Ben. “But it’s also giving you the feedback you want for making your game better.”

While P.I.G. is the acronym for Private Indoor Golf, the company’s social media also explains the nickname: “P – practice with purpose, I – information is power, G – grit separates us.” The club’s social media also states, “The P.I.G. is more than just indoor golf. Want to really get better? Stop banging balls without proper feedback. Do pros hit range balls? Do they hit without a Trackman? Why would you do anything less than get the most out of your practice sessions?”

Once a golfer purchases a membership, they can bring in their clubs and work on their game. “If you get a little serious about your golf, when you come here, you get a lot of value and feedback,” said Amy.

The P.I.G. offers memberships starting at $250 for a month, with other options available on their website at With the private facility open 24/7, members have easy access to working on their skills when it is convenient for them. One of the best parts of having a membership at The P.I.G. is having private access. Each member can bring up to three guests each time they visit the facility, and everything is easily tracked with a simple key card that lets them into the building. “I wanted to make something I would want for myself, and then we made it a little exclusive,” said Ben. 

Ben has been involved with golf for most of his life. From working on a podcast based on the game to helping create a fundraiser with some of golf’s greatest players, Ben has been passionate about golf for a long time. “He likes to say all roads lead to golf,” said Amy.

While The P.I.G. has limited membership availability, the benefits of belonging to this exclusive club are endless. “The system is so accurate that you’re actually learning and making your game better,” Amy said. Ben also explained that someone could come in, practice on a specific course and then go play that course feeling like they’ve been practicing there the whole time. “You really walk away feeling like you have played a round of golf,” he said.

Private Indoor Golf, established in 2021, is located at 1901 W. 2425 S., Ste. F, Woods Cross. They currently have space for about 10 more members. “We’re fascinated about where virtual golf can go, but it really is all about holding an actual club,” said Ben. “It’s going to become more and more popular for its accessibility.”