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Farmington goes to the dogs with The DogGroom

Jan 30, 2023 02:14PM ● By Shania Emmett

Johnson gives a Pomeranian that she’s working on a trim. Photo by Shania Emmett

Dog grooming. That is something every pet owner is in need of for their furry friends. The trick is, finding the right dog groomer that people know will take care of their pets. In Farmington, at 36 Main Street, is a dog groomer that has been trusted to do just that. Megan Johnson is the owner of the DogGroom and has been taking care of people’s furry family members for 28 years now. 

“Before the DogGroom, I raised Great Danes my whole life and I had champion Great Danes that I used to show,” she said. “So while I was out showing them, I was learning how to groom. And then I decided that that’s what I wanted to do.” 

With this expertise, she brings knowledge that many groomers may not have. It is also well known that she takes good care of the dogs and her love for what she does shines through her work. Especially, when occasionally a customer's furry friend comes back to them with the personal touch of a bandana around their neck or a bow on their ear. Her care for the pets she grooms even extends to when she is grooming them. When it is cold, after washing the pet, she wraps them into a warm towel. 

“I foster cats and if any pets get left behind I take them in as well and make sure they all have a safe home,” said Johnson. “And if anyone comes in and wants to give them a good home, they can.” 

When anyone arrives at the DogGroom they are immediately met with how warm and welcoming the place is. The front of the business looks like a little cottage straight from a storybook with a white picket fence and a wooden dog on it and other pet motifs around. Inside the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. Some of the cats she fosters lounge on the counter or on the floor. 

Some may think that it would be hard to be a dog groomer, but through the years, no matter how many problems or obstacles may arise from complicated details a customer may need for their dog, or when Johnson had to move her business from Centerville to Farmington. She has come out on the other side each time. 

Prior to showing Great Danes and dog grooming she was a welder for 13 years and she was aiming to do underwater welding as well. 

Both her unique experience in welding and her years of showing Great Danes makes her stand out. Johnson’s experiences and expertise have made her grooming business successful.