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Abby Harding receives Outstanding Student Award at city council meeting

Jan 30, 2023 02:15PM ● By Alisha Copfer

Abby Harding (fourth from the left), is Farmington City’s third recipient of the Outstanding Student Award. Photo by Alisha Copfer

FARMINGTON—Recognizing outstanding citizens has become a priority for Farmington City. And this includes the recognition of students as well. Abby Harding, the most recent recipient of the Outstanding Student Award, has been working hard for her education.

“She is always striving to improve,” said Darrin Harding, Abby’s father. “Everyone loves Abby. She’s loved all of her teachers, so they love her back.”

Harding explained that even though Abby doesn’t fit well with traditional programs, she has worked hard at overcoming these obstacles. “She doesn’t fit the traditional mold,” he said.

Abby is described by many as being artistic and hard-working. She learned Spanish and Latin while in school. She is also involved with Farmington City theater programs and enjoys singing. “I’ve been involved in theater most of my life,” Abby said.

Tery Binkerd, a Language Arts teacher at Viewmont High School, where Abby is a senior, recommended Abby for the award. Abby also attends Davis Technical College in the esthetician program. She plans on going for her master’s degree once she graduates.

One of Abby’s favorite roles was during a production of Sweeney Todd. “She makes scary things fun,” said Kim Harding, Abby’s mother. “She is typically one of the leads in the Halloween and scary productions.”

Abby was invited to be recognized at the city council meeting on Jan. 17. Abby’s family came in support, and they were a large group. Her mom, dad, sister, brother and grandparents were all there to support her as she received the recognition.

“Such a sweet honor for such a sweet girl,” said Jolene Keate, Abby’s grandmother. “Abby is always positive, kind, selfless and pure.”