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Inspirational quotes by Mother Teresa

Feb 09, 2023 12:59PM ● By John Waterbury

“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.”

Paul reminded us that everything will be converted into something beneficial.  So, stand up, step forward, and expect success.  Avoid negative thinking.  Practice this pattern until it becomes a natural process.

“Life is beautiful, admire it.”

If it appears that there is an absence of beauty in life, it is not the world that is out of balance. Our lives have an interesting mix of beauty and opportunity, combined with difficulties and confusion.  Don’t be intimidated. Together, they provide the right environment to help us move beyond our narrow field of vision.

“Life is a challenge, meet it.” 

When we are challenged by life, it is not an indication that we are on the wrong road.  But rather, it is a clarion call, signifying that it is time to gather our forces to prepare for battle.  Such challenges are instructors, teachers, and motivators that enable us to grow beyond our old limitations.  Life is full of such experiences.  Face them and embrace them because they teach lessons that can be taught in no other way.

“Life is an adventure, dare it.”

While we create comfort zones in life, they were never meant to be our final destination, but rather, they were meant to be spring boards to achieve new heights and experiences.  Adventures keep us on our toes.  They help us prepare for the future. They strengthen us and enable us to see the color and possibilities in life.  I’m confident that this is part of the reason Mother Teresa wrote such inspirational guidelines for life.  So, reach out for the opportunities, the beauty, the challenges, and the adventures in life.  Don’t settle for less.