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Cornerstone trains dogs – and people

Mar 09, 2023 02:28PM ● By Becky Ginos

Madie Meacham works with one of the dogs in the Cornerstone training program. Owner Jason Robbins has seen a lot of success in the two month system. Courtesy photo

KAYSVILLE—Jason Robbins has been training animals all his life. Some have been very unusual like cats, chickens and even frogs. So when it comes to dogs, he knows what he’s doing. 

Robbins owns Cornerstone Dog Training in Kaysville that opened seven years ago. “I wanted to help people with their relationship with their dog,” he said. “They have a dream of what they want but instead it’s a nightmare. They struggle with things like biting, etc. We take those hard cases.”

Cornerstone started out as a side business, said Robbins. “I did it to support my teaching habit. I was a seminary teacher. I loved to help people and through the process a year or so ago it felt right to go full time (training). I have eight kids and I was able to be at home more.”

Robbins has developed his own training program. “A lot of dogs have the same issues,” he said. “It’s a two month program and they change amazingly in two months. It is every other week that they come in person and then in between there’s video training for owners. When they come back we see what they worked on and if we need to tweak anything.”

Cornerstone trains puppies all the way up to older dogs, said Robbins. “They’re never too old. You can teach an old dog new tricks.”

It’s awesome to watch dogs change, he said. “You can’t change genetics but you can change behaviors. People think aggression is the hardest but fear and anxiety is harder. If they’re fearful or panicky there is an art and science to that.”

Most of the trainers at Cornerstone are former clients, said Robbins. “Your relationship with the trainer is important. You need to find a trainer you gel with. You have to trust that the person in front of you can help you.”

Robbins has facilities in Kaysville, Saratoga Springs and Mansfield, Ohio. “We have membership videos that go across the world that you can buy online and work anywhere.”

Once a dog finishes the training owners have access to group lessons forever, he said. “They always have access and don’t have to pay. You’re part of the family after you graduate.”

Dogs are cool animals, said Robbins. “They don’t hold onto behaviors. They’ll change if you let them. People do the hard part – we train people. I like dogs and I like people.”