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Dog lovers at The Paw Spa

Mar 09, 2023 02:31PM ● By Megan Gleason

A dog at The Paw Spa waits to be groomed. The dog grooming business treats pets like family. Courtesy photo

Pets are an integral part of many peoples lives. We love and take care of them and in return they bring joy and comfort. There are many types of pets but at The Paw Spa they are all about man’s best friend – dogs. 

The Paw Spa has been a part of Kaysville’s Main Street for over a decade but in May of 2019 was taken over by Tawni Herron. A family run business, Herron, her husband, and two children all work at the shop in one way or another to help. Whether that be bathing, daycare or watching the front desk, The Paw Spa is a tight knit group of workers and family. Herron’s vision for the business has elevated the long-standing staple and even expanded the name into a secondary location in Ogden. Yet one thing has remained the same – the love of dogs.

“The thing is, your dog used to be just your pet, but that’s not the case anymore,” Herron said. “They’re family now.”  

Like with family, pet owners want to go the extra mile to ensure the happiness and care of their dogs. The Paw Spa offers grooming, boarding and daycare services typical for their business but takes it even further. Featuring a variety of fun monthly events, the Paw Spa highlights the happiness of the dogs and their owners. From holiday photo shoots to Valentine’s Day treat exchanges for the daycare dogs, the Paw Spa treats their dogs as the fur-babies many owners view them as. 

“It’s just like taking your little kid to daycare or preschool,” said Herron. “We want all our dogs, all our staff, everyone, to be happy here.” 

It is not only their local clientele the Paw Spa is ensuring the care of. The Paw Spa partners with the Animal Care of Davis County (ACDC) and donates bathing and grooming services to dogs in need of assistance. These services not only promote the comfort and health of the dogs but also boosts their visibility to be adopted. 

“Whenever they have a dog, they’re trying to adopt out, or doing an adoption event, and want them cleaned up, we’ll bring them in.” said Herron of the partnership. “All of our clients are dog lovers. One of our ladies who comes for daycare, had a birthday party for her dog and asked her friends for donations and brought them in.”

During the month of November 2022, the Paw Spa’s special event was a food drive out of their Kaysville location to gather donations for the ACDC. Thanks to the generosity of the community, they were able to gather an impressive two truck loads of food and other items for donation. In the future, the Paw Spa plans to do more such events and continue to spread joy to pets and their owners. 

“We want to be part of the community and we want to give back,” Herron said.