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Wood Cross senior receives Award of Merit at art competition

Mar 16, 2023 01:00PM ● By Kerry Angelbuer

Anna Stephenson of Woods Cross High won an Award of Merit and a $2,000 scholarship for her art piece “Faceless Daisy.”

Anna Stephenson of Wood Cross High School was recently honored along with other art students in Utah for her self-portrait called “Faceless Daisy” which was on display at the Eccles Community Arts Center in Ogden throughout the month of January. Along with an Award of Merit, Anna was also given a $2,000 scholarship. In the 2023 showcase, Davis County had 43 students with displayed artwork including digital, acrylic, and oil painting, along with ceramics and pencil drawings. This art complements the gallery’s extensive collection of Utah’s best-known visual artists over the last century. 

Stephenson was given a self-portrait assignment by her teacher Jack Hattaway who according to her, “really understands how versatile art can be and lets you do what you want with any topic.” 

Not really comfortable with portrait work, especially of herself, she searched photos of herself for inspiration. A photo with her covering her face with daisies in her hair became the reference photo for her digital painting, “Faceless Daisy.”  Stephenson said she loves digital art because, “you don’t have to use an eraser and great colors are available.” She created her masterpiece on an iPad using a pencil shaped stylus. She is currently using the artist program Drawing Pad, but has also used Illustrator and Photo Shop.

Although primarily a digital artist now, she started drawing seriously when she was about 8 years old in a more traditional manner. She currently has nine-10 sketchbooks full of art. Stephenson said that her whole family is creative. Her oldest sister, Rachel, was a particular role model for her who is not only a visual artist, but also into the performing arts. Stephenson herself has participated in a couple of musicals. Her younger sister is great at makeup, fashion and interior design.

Stephenson is too busy surviving her senior year to think about what she might do afterward but is leaning toward Weber State University where she has a “scholarship thing.” She also enjoys reading, writing, watching old animated Disney movies and playing video games with her brother. If she ever needs a little stress relief at school, Stephenson said she enjoys hanging out in Mr. Hattaway’s classroom. He has a hot cocoa corner and welcomes students in during lunch to “chill.”