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Two library repurpose proposals unveiled

Mar 16, 2023 01:14PM ● By Cindi Mansell

The Bamberger Food Hall proposal by Alchemy Design.

KAYSVILLE—After receiving multiple proposals to repurpose the old library building two came out on top, Alchemy Design and City Creek Development. Parks and Recreation Department Director Cole Stephens said the Library Repurpose RFP was open from October through December. Both companies presented their proposals to the city council at the last meeting.

Mayor Tammy Tran said the goals of the RFP were to save/extend the life of the old library building, to energize and facilitate downtown, provide connectivity, and offer a proven financial structure that allows for continued financial benefits to the city and to maximize financial investment from public funds.

Josh Green introduced the Alchemy team and backgrounds. He presented the Bamberger Food Hall Proposal. He said the intent was to convert the historic library into a modern food hall while preserving and restoring the existing building. He described local food options, outdoor patios or drivable surfaces for food trucks, and options to flex space (such as for art, meetings, pop-up retail).

Green said it would be designed to save and extend the life of the building while energizing the heart of the city and providing connectivity among businesses, residents, and visitors.

Green discussed budgeting, various costs involved (architecture, engineering, developer, permits, market, etc.), and said the total project cost is estimated to be $5,616,460. He reviewed the proposed timeline, including award of RFP and design in the first quarter of 2023, demolition and core and shell construction by summer, rough finished in fall, and grand opening in the first quarter of 2024. Green reviewed financing methods to consist of public/private partnerships, bank loan or historic tax credits and grants. He said projected potential income in the first year is $316.98. He talked about marketing methods such as community voting on at least one tenant, website, ads, social campaigns, community outreach and contests, and support from local groups.

Bob Murri, Vice President of Business Development/Marketing for City Creek Development, said City Creek construction has 25 years of experience. He discussed the public/private partnership proposal and said the construction timeline would be 8-10 months and the estimated construction cost for the library building is $2.2 million. He said the intent was for Kaysville City to continue to own the property and negotiate a long-term/low-cost ground lease and a newly formed LLC entity retains ownership of the building for a period of time (5-15 years) and give Kaysville City first right of refusal to buy back. Murri said ideas for tenants include professional services, offices, museum/arts, coffee shop, retail, and recreation.

Murri said the proposal involved multi-housing with 46 estimated units in a design that compliments the city building with a stepped, tiered design. He said there would be three levels of structured parking and the benefits would be more people connecting to businesses/shops, and to generate continuous tax revenue for Kaysville and to bring covered parking to city hall and police station employees.

Murri said the estimated multi-housing cost was $16 million with a construction timeline of 24-30 months. The proposal was to lease or buy the property or negotiate a long-term, low-cost ground lease while Kaysville City continues to own the property. An LLC entity would own the complex and hire a management company to operate and maintain the facility. He said the design would provide additional parking for those desiring to visit businesses on Main Street. Murri said this design really mirrors what other cities are doing to bring vitality to their main street districts.

Mayor Tran said the intent for this time was only to hear the proposal presentations. She said the RFP process was open to everyone and welcomed anyone interested in creating a plan for the old library building; she thanked those that took the time to submit ideas.