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IV therapy promotes health and wellness

Mar 30, 2023 10:17AM ● By Becky Ginos

Members of the Davis Chamber relax in massage chairs at the ribbon cutting of Prime IV Hydration & Wellness in Woods Cross. The new business offers IV treatments for overall good health. Photo by Becky Ginos

WOODS CROSS–Need an energy boost or help with sleep or weight loss? IV therapy might be just the thing. Prime IV Hydration & Wellness is a unique business that opened in Woods Cross last month and offers a variety of IV treatments that were only available in a hospital setting. 

“IV therapy has been used widely for a long time,” said Brittany Beahm, who owns the business with her husband Corey. “Doctors use it after surgery for hydration and to provide medications and nutrients directly in the patient’s system. It’s not a new concept.”

Now it’s been made available commercially, she said. “It can provide vitamins, nutrients, electrolytes and fluids without a prescription. When you take oral supplements your body only absorbs 20 percent of that pill after it goes through the gastro tract. This provides 100 percent maximum absorption and you also get hydrated at the same time. With IV 1,000 cc of fluid is equivalent to two and a half gallons of water. Many people are not fully hydrated and this also keeps their vitamins at optimal levels.”

It benefits all different clients, said Beahm. “We have a client known as the iron cowboy because he did 100 ironman races in 100 consecutive days. We did all of the IVs before and after without it, it wouldn’t have been possible for him to do that.”

However, Beahm said it’s not just for competitive athletes. “We help everyone in between. It’s used for cancer treatments because patients don’t absorb all of the nutrients because of chemo. We offer prescription medications like Zofran for nausea to pregnant women with a doctor’s order. She can come here instead of the ER and pay a fraction of the cost.”

People come in with migraines, she said. “It also gives an immunity boost, especially for teachers or others who are working in large groups equipping them with immunity armor.”

A popular treatment that they offer is the Myers’ cocktail. “It’s well known in the medical community,” said Beahm. “It’s been around for a long time. It’s an ultra drip for overall wellness, allergies, fatigue, GI disorders, muscle pain, anxiety and depression. People like it for a variety of reasons.”

IV therapy helps after surgery too, she said. “It’s used for hydration and pre and post surgery renewal. It also helps prevent infections, reduces scar tissue and speeds healing.”

There are drips for weight loss as well, Beahm said. “It can accelerate your diet goals and speeds up metabolism.”

The treatments are done by RNs who have IV specialist training, she said. “Our medical director is a physician who oversees operations.”

“As a nurse, I get to see the positive results of IV therapy firsthand,” said Lindsey Nielson, an RN at Prime IV. “I really value working in this relaxing environment that feels more like a spa than a medical clinic, especially because our clients come electively and we get to know them personally. It’s so fulfilling to see them achieve their health and wellness goals.”

Not everyone is able to have the IV treatment, said Beahm. “If someone has heart, liver or kidney failure we can’t give an IV but 95 percent of people can do IV.”

The IV is placed in the crook of the elbow, she said. “We use small needles and clients sit in a massage chair. We give them the full spa experience with soothing music. It’s pretty amazing they are relaxing while they have a drip.”

“I used to work out regularly but was diagnosed with an arthritic autoimmune disease,” Angela Ellsworth, a customer, said. “I’ve been trying to figure out how to exercise without sending my body into debilitating inflammation and pain. I discovered IV therapy, and the Myers’ cocktail has already done wonders for me – I’ve been able to start a new flare-up-free exercise regimen, and I’m so grateful! I also love the mood boost I’m getting from the big dose of vitamin D.”

They also electrolyte drops, Beahm said. “You put them in your water bottle. It’s a refreshing thing customers enjoy. It’s so much better than a sports drink. There’s no sugar, sweeteners or fake coloring.”

The Prime IV franchise has 12 locations in Utah with another one opening up soon in Layton. The first one was in St. George. They don’t take insurance, Beahm said. “We do take HSA, FSA flex accounts. It’s a huge benefit.”

Prime IV Wellness & Hydration is located at 2471 S. Wildcat Way, Ste B, Woods Cross. To learn more or to book an appointment visit