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An ‘Ode to Winter’ make the snow stop!

Apr 06, 2023 01:30PM ● By Bryan Gray


s I write this, the snow continues its assault. Six inches, give or take, and another storm coming in two days. I don’t think I’ve seen summer since before the pandemic. Like me, many of you are shouting at the sky: “STOP THIS HARASSMENT!” 

Maybe a song can ease our soul. Here’s my version of “Ode to Winter” sung to the simple melody of Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind:”

How many times must a blizzard strike

Before we say ‘enough is enough?’

How many times must five inches fall

Snarling the traffic with slush?

There’s no answer my friend,

Snow’s now sideways in the wind

Another day I’m just staying in.

How many snow squalls must we suffer

Before it is more than we can take?

Water content is at an all-time high

Bountiful will soon be a lake

There is reason for fears

To hell with the skiers

Woods Cross is building a pier.

How many time must a chiropractor say

The shoveling has messed up your back?

How many times have you looked at your roof

To ensure it is still intact?

Meteorologists may smirk

But you’ve called in late for work

And the kids are going berserk.

How cold can it get

Before the temps drop even lower?

How many times have you whined

You should have bought that darn snowblower?

Get angry and pout

So much for that drought!

Four seasons – that’s what Utah’s about.

(brief guitar solo before refrain)

Well the answer, I’m just saying

With all the moisture we’re retaining

Gov. Cox, we can now stop our praying. 

Bryan Gray, a longtime Davis County resident, is a former school teacher and has been a columnist for more than 26 years in newspapers along the Wasatch Front.λ