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ACC Summit supports environmental change

May 04, 2023 01:58PM ● By Anna Pro

ACC Summit supports environmental change

In today’s world, it is common for the values of environmentalism to be connected to those associated with left-of-center politics. As a young person whose views lie close to the center, I believe that it is important to share environmentalism and a love for the planet to any people who are willing to make a difference.

The American Conservation Coalition has been a wonderful asset in helping spread environmentalism. As a proud member of ACC, I am glad to see organizations spreading center-based and right-of-center solutions to youth across the country. For those in the Salt Lake area who are interested in getting involved, or for those who are already helping to save our climate with ACC, an exciting event is approaching: the second-annual ACC Summit.

To be held from June 15 to June 17, the ACC Summit will feature many speeches and activities supporting policies meant to combat environmental change. Speakers such as the particularly interesting Representative Blake Moore, a Utah Congressman, will be sharing about right-of-center environmentalism. 

For anyone interested in environmentalism, specifically non-partisan and right-of-center, the ACC Summit will be packed full of opportunity. Whether you’re young or old, the ACC Summit will help connect you to influential leaders and helpful communities, all focused on furthering environmental conservation driven by policy. You can register for the second annual

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