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Local facilitators of Fulfill Life Yourself want to help the community

May 12, 2023 11:32AM ● By Peri Kinder

Fulfill Life Yourself founder LaMonte Wilcox and his daughter/cofounder McKelle Wilcox Kiser (not shown) introduced their neuroplasticity program in Farmington April 29 to help those struggling with OCD, anxiety, depression and more. Photo courtesy of Wilcox

For Tina Martinez and Amy Turner, finding the Fulfill Life Yourself program was a literal answer to their prayers. They had both struggled with issues like anxiety, OCD and depression and had tried counseling, medication, energy therapy and coaching, but nothing had worked. 

They said when they were introduced to F.L.Y., their lives changed. 

“Because of anxiety and depression, I wasn’t myself. I wasn’t truly happy inside. I began to feel resentment toward those who were truly happy,” Turner said. “One day, it was literally gone. I have a ton more peace inside, I’m more confident and my self-worth is higher. I’m finding joy with who I am.”

At the invitation of Martinez and Turner, F.L.Y. founder LaMonte Wilcox and his daughter/cofounder McKelle Wilcox Kiser spoke at Morgan High School on April 17 and in Farmington, April 29, explaining the neuro auto associate programming method to attendees. 

Wilcox created the program as a way to help his wife. She battled depression and spent hours in bed every day, overwhelmed by life. A religious leader suggested that Wilcox look into neuroplasticity techniques that actually change the structure of the brain to help people heal. 

“Because [the program] helped me and Amy so much, we wanted to hold an event to share it with the community,” Martinez said. “For me, with OCD, the model teaches you to go in and see what’s creating that in yourself. I learned to be able to move forward out of having OCD tendencies. So it’s helped me to live in a free state.”

Martinez said the program helped her get past her OCD and the rituals she had to do every day to get through her life. She knew the OCD was holding her back from becoming her true self, but felt powerless to do anything about it. 

She became emotional when talking about F.L.Y. “Since 1995 I’ve had constant rituals, so for me it was huge to move forward. It was rewarding to be able to not feel the constant need of doing a ritual to live life every single day.” 

Turner came across F.L.Y. about a year ago and believes divine guidance led her to the program. She said it’s helped her overcome a minor shopping addiction along with the anxiety and depressions she’s dealt with throughout her life. 

Both women have become F.L.Y. facilitators, helping their clients regain control of their lives. For more information, visit 

“It’s about retraining the brain. You’re disconnecting the trauma. When you go through the trauma it makes a disconnect in the brain and this reconnects it,” Turner said. “You’re getting clear on who you are and why you do what you do, and what your beliefs are. It’s teaching you how to become your true self and live the life you want.” λ