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Kids yoga classes blend physical movement with education

May 12, 2023 12:00PM ● By Megan Gleason

Summer is a time of sun and adventures for families. This summer, two women, Amy Beenfield and Mandi Lotze, bring their sense of adventure and dedication to learning to the Kaysville Parks and Recreation building. Co-founders of Rooted and Wild Adventure Co. Beenfield and Lotze have designed Yoga and Movement classes for children ages 3-13 years old that go beyond simple health and exercise. Classes are once a week and started May 2 spanning over four weeks, and themed around local wildlife, blending physical movement with education. Another session starts in June.  

“We’re using outdoor themed curriculum based on local forest animals,” said Beenfield. “Our yoga flow will be based on, like, the daily life of a rabbit. Each week we’ll learn about a different animal.”

Lifetime lovers of nature and the outdoors, Beenfield and Lotze currently reside in Davis County and are excited to bring their knowledge and passion to the local communities. They started their business, Rooted and Wild Adventures, in 2022 and have since organized various educational adventures for women and children. Beenfield and Lotze have also partnered with Kaysville City to participate in the Woman on the Move program to lead hiking trips. 

“Educating and empowering women, and their kids, to get out there is what we’re all about,” said Beenfield.

“Entrepreneurship wasn’t something ever on our radar, but we found something we really love,” said Lotze. “It’s been so fun.” 

While the Yoga and Movement classes are four-week curriculums, anyone is welcome to join later at a discounted rate. Classes are separated into age groups and will run through the month of June. The exact dates for each class can be found on the Rooted and Wild Adventures website or the Parks and Recreation website.

The Yoga and Movement classes are just a part of what Beenfield and Lotze have planned for the summer. Rooted and Wild Adventure Co. is an organization that offers guided outdoor activities for women and their children. This can range from snowshoeing and hiking to coordinated trips. They focus on educating women and their children on not only the practicalities of outdoor activities but the environment and local wildlife. 

“Sometimes it can seem kind of an exclusive community or intimidating for people who didn’t grow up with that sort of thing,” said Lotze. “This is a bridge for people.” 

While the business is still new, Beenfield and Lotze have big plans for the future. They have many other events and classes in the works within Kaysville and surrounding areas. These events will be year-round, focusing on Utah’s many beautiful and exciting wonders. 

“We try and think of things that can be done every season,” said Lotze. “Coming up this summer, we have a full calendar of kayaking, backpacking, yoga, and more.” λ