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The College Advantage in Davis School District

Jul 28, 2023 10:39AM ● By Richard Leary Director of Advising and Outreach for High School Dual Enrollment at Weber State University

College is expensive. What if it wasn’t? That’s right, many college courses are nearly free (or free entirely) for our community’s students and families. Concurrent Enrollment (CE) at Weber State University provides students inexpensive and convenient access to college credit that also meets high school graduation requirements. These classes are taught in the high school by qualified teachers in their subjects. Tuition for these courses is just $5 per credit with some having a possible book fee. To compare, tuition for one three credit class at WSU for a regularly admitted student is over $1,000 per semester. Furthermore, if a student qualifies for the Free and Reduced Lunch program, then these CE costs can be paid for thanks to the most recent Utah State Legislative session. All students need to do is to reach out to their Counselor or CTE Coordinator.

Families should be aware that these credits are on a student’s permanent transcript and will follow them throughout their post-high school education. Credits do not expire and are fully transferable to other institutions. This means that getting ahead can also mean getting behind. If a student earns a failing grade in a CE course, then that course cannot be retaken until after high school graduation and will impact future financial aid. It is extremely important to be ready for the rigor of college-level classes and prepared to take it seriously. 

Many students utilizing this program also take advantage of Advanced Placement (AP). These two means of earning credit can work together, not apart! The decision to take either is up to the student and their goals. For some students an AP course can be the better choice.

There is a rumor that one must earn the Associate’s Degree or Certificate of Completion at the same time as high school graduation. Many past students have accomplished this amazing feat over the years. However, if a student doesn’t take the right courses depending on their overall undergraduate goals, the degree can become less valuable and a student may still have more than two years to complete their Bachelor’s Degree. Being strategic is better than being fast!

Education uplifts our community. Davis County young adults have access to better themselves and their future now. Students, you do have resources available! Be sure to speak with someone in your high school counseling center about this incredible opportunity! If it’s one class or 20, it can make a big difference.