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CenterPoint Legacy Theatre appoints new Executive Director

Aug 03, 2023 03:31PM ● By Braden Nelsen
CenterPoint veteran Danny Inkley takes the helm as the theatre’s new Executive Director. Courtesy Photo

CenterPoint veteran Danny Inkley takes the helm as the theatre’s new Executive Director. Courtesy Photo

CENTERVILLE—There are many options for entertainment these days. People can go to the movies, watch television, or even binge an entire series from a variety of streaming platforms. Still, there’s something that makes live theatre unique: connection, and it’s that very aspect that the new Executive Director of CenterPoint wants to emphasize.

Danny Inkley was born and bred with theatre, and his career with theatre as an art form has been extensive. For years he’s been involved around the state, acting, directing, and working with productions, bringing this art form to audiences, and for the past eight years, he and his wife Wendy have worked together at CenterPoint building their Academy program into the amazing success it is today. 

Like many working in live theatre, Danny got his start in performance, and acting on stage, but it wasn’t until he worked with a man named Scott Montgomery that he got his start in directing. Inkley said, that Montgomery “thought I had skills that lent themselves to directing,” and the rest is history. 

While he does direct, Inkley is still involved in many different aspects of productions at CenterPoint, and, going forward in his new role, he intends to stay just as active, “It’s my passion,” he said, saying that directing, acting, and production will still be very much a part of what he does around the theatre.

“It’s an amazing team around here,” Inkley said, saying that his aim in this new role will simply be to “make sure we continue to do the best we can in telling stories,” and supporting the amazing staff in doing just that. After all, according to Inkley, storytelling is what theatre is all about.

“Stories are powerful. Stories stick with us,” said Inkley, explaining how messages and lessons are much more likely to have an impact if they are part of a story. “You don’t necessarily sit down and binge watch live theatre” Inkley said, but, “The stories that connect us” is what makes live theatre unique.

Those that watch live theatre can certainly attest to that: As Inkley pointed out, theatre isn’t theatre without the audience. Furthermore, there’s a certain energy, and connection that can only be felt when actors take the stage, and combined with scenery, lighting, sound, costuming and more, perform for an audience.

So, what does the future hold for Inkley in this role? Focusing on the people, and the stories, and taking the good that CenterPoint does, and bringing it to even more people, “I’m a massive believer in the good this place does in the community,” said Inkley, saying how he’d love to see as many of the community as possible coming to shows.

Inkley’s latest production, Something Rotten, goes up tonight, Aug. 4, and runs through Sept. 2. When asked what people can expect, Inkley responded, “It’s a gem,” and that he “can’t wait” for audiences to see it. A high-energy musical comedy that brings the Elizabethan era and the bard, William Shakespeare, a bit closer to home, Something Rotten sounds like a fantastic show to kick off Danny Inkley’s tenure as Executive Director.