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Woods Cross Planning Commission gives update for rail station area

Aug 31, 2023 02:45PM ● By Braden Nelsen

WOODS CROSS—The Rail Station Area has been the topic of discussion in Woods Cross now for years. A desirable area to develop, it’s something that the city certainly hasn’t wanted to rush into without measured consideration as to what should be done, and what will best benefit the city.

This discussion was reawakened Tuesday night when the Woods Cross Planning Commission discussed updates for this specific area of the city. Community Development Director Tim Stephens gave the update saying that West Bountiful, a partner in the endeavor, has pressed forward with their own application.

Accordingly, a feasibility study is now underway in West Bountiful, which, according to Stephens, is “setting us back a bit further than I hoped.” Stephens did express confidence that the development will still proceed, saying, “We’ll still be alright.”