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Farmington local fills much-needed niche – beard care

Sep 15, 2023 10:04AM ● By Braden Nelsen
A lineup of just a few of Bevan’s products available from Affect Beard Care. Photo by Braden Nelsen

A lineup of just a few of Bevan’s products available from Affect Beard Care. Photo by Braden Nelsen

FARMINGTON—Going to any grocery store it’s easy to find dozens, if not hundreds of different hair care products, for everything from curly hair-specific shampoo to revitalizing conditioner for thinning hair. What is more difficult to find, however, is products, not for the hair on the top of the head, but, on the front of the face: beard care. One Farmington man is doing an outstanding job fixing that problem, and he’s just getting started.

Jeff Bevan first began selling his beard care products two years ago, but his story begins before that. Bevan, who now has a healthy set of whiskers, said he “never used to be able to grow facial hair,” but that when he did, the uncomfortable razor burn and dry skin associated with shaving made it so he, “wanted to never shave again.”

That lifestyle, however, came with its own challenges. Without proper maintenance, a long beard can get greasy, and the skin underneath, dry, flaky, and unhealthy. Bevan decided it was time to do something about that so that he could maintain his beard, but avoid the problems that accompanied it.

At first, he tried beard products given to him by barbers, and other professionals, but always found himself breaking out after using them. So, taking matters into his own hands, Bevan began making his own beard oils and products. Soon, other friends with facial hair began noticing, and asking what he was using. It wasn’t long before the demand for his product prompted him to start a business.

Even though it’s only been two years, Affect Beard Care has sold over 3,000 products, which now include more than just beard oil. Pointing to his stock, the small business owner explained that in addition to the beard oil which can condition both a beard and the skin beneath, Bevan also sells a beard butter, a beard wash, and a mustache styling wax, all custom made using all-natural ingredients. In addition to the creation of these products, Bevan shared that education is a huge part of his business. The beard care industry is a relatively young one, and Bevan wants to make sure that people know their options, “Start out with a good wash, and a good beard oil, just to see if it’s for you,” he said. “If one doesn’t work, try something else.”

Bevan, who works at this business part time, was optimistic about starting a small business, encouraging others who might be thinking of doing the same to, “just start”and “give it a shot,” explaining that the best time to start a small business is as soon as possible. And while he may not have a storefront just yet, Bevan says it’s not off the table.

For those interested in products from Affect Beard Care, they can be found in several Barber Shops around the state, as well as at Bevan’s booth at vendor fairs and farmers markets. They can also be found on his website, at