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Centerville begins preparation for 2024 Parrish Lane intersection improvements

Sep 28, 2023 10:51AM ● By Linda Petersen

Centerville City has donated two small pieces of property to UDOT in preparation for a two-intersection project which is expected to take place next summer.

UDOT has plans to construct “operational and safety improvements” at the Parrish Lane/Marketplace Drive and Parrish Lane /400 West intersections, UDOT Region 1 spokesman Mitch Shaw said.

Since the two-intersection project is currently in design details are not available, but they could include widening, adding some additional lanes or turn lanes, doing some updates with the signals and signal timing, Shaw said.

The two projects, which have a combined projected $36 million price tag, were identified in a 2017 UDOT presentation as “essential project(s) for Centerville City and UDOT Region 1 in order to reduce congestion.” They will be built to a 2040 traffic model prepared by UDOT Region 1 traffic engineers and are currently in design.

UDOT will put the projects out to bid in the spring and they are expected to be constructed next summer, Shaw said. These types of projects typically involve some road closures, and the public will be notified of these in advance, Shaw said.

UDOT and other transportation departments have studied how to communicate upcoming road projects and modifications such as closures and have determined the best way is still “the most old-fashioned way:” electronic roadside signs, Shaw said. “That’s a way to get everybody’s attention that’s driving along whatever particular corridor we’re working on.”

UDOT will also post notices on social media.

The right of way space donated by the city, which is 0.015 acres and 0.009 acres, is valued at a combined $36,750.