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Hispanic Heritage Celebration adds flavor to vendor fair

Oct 06, 2023 12:02PM ● By Kerry Angelbuer
Marina, Simon and Ethan dance to the Hispanic music near the Ghostbuster car.

Marina, Simon and Ethan dance to the Hispanic music near the Ghostbuster car.

National Hispanic Heritage month is honored each year from Sept.15 – Oct. 15 across the nation. North Salt Lake honored their own community members of Hispanic descent on Sept. 18, adding a Latino flare to their Monday night vendor fair. Spanish music was loud enough to fill the whole park including the soccer team on the field practicing Spanish futbol. Dancers, booths, food trucks, and a ghostbuster’s car added to the celebration. #nslunityinourcity marks events aimed at the goal of honoring all who live in North Salt Lake.

The observation of a Hispanic Celebration began in 1968 introduced by President Lyndon B. Johnson. Ronald Regan expanded the celebration to an entire month in 1988. Sept. 15, the beginning of the celebration marks the Independence Days of many South American countries. Mexico’s and Chile’s Independence Day and Columbus Day also fall within the month. The month and the events planned across the nation aim at celebrating the art, music, dance, education and food influenced by the Hispanic people melded into the larger American Culture. Hispanic descent of American citizens finds its roots in Spain, Caribbean, Mexico and other Central American countries, as well as many countries in South America.

The young dance team that performed came from a studio in Salt Lake run by Latino women. Some of the members were from North Salt Lake. With upbeat music throughout the evening, everyone joined in the cultural celebration.