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Groberg fights her way back from debilitating injury to run successful business

Oct 06, 2023 12:09PM ● By Becky Ginos
Jenny Groberg credits her family’s support in helping her navigate her life changing traumatic brain injury.

Jenny Groberg credits her family’s support in helping her navigate her life changing traumatic brain injury.

KAYSVILLE—Life was good for Jenny Sandberg Groberg. She was a mother and owner of a successful business until a simple accident on Memorial Day in 2018 changed her life completely. 

“I jumped up on the counter, there was water on it and I slipped and fell back on the floor,” said Groberg, CEO and Founder of BookSmarts Accounting and Bookkeeping. “I thought I was OK but the next day I couldn’t stand up. I realized I was not OK.”

Groberg said it felt like she was in a coma. “It was like there was a separation between my body and spirit. I was so frustrated and messed up. I kept thinking I’d be better but months rolled by and soon it was eight months. I couldn’t even blow dry my hair. I was in a state of flight or fight all the time.”

She had no energy, Groberg said. “I didn’t know if I’d be able to take care of the kids. Every morning I felt like someone was hitting me over the head with a board. I was constantly chipping away at this but I thought ‘I can’t live like this.’ My quality of life was so bad. I thought one thing would heal me so I prayed for a miracle.”

That is when Groberg found a specialist in Chicago. “There are only five in the world,” she said. “She said my eyes don’t work together and she fitted me with some special glasses. They mute my environment so it’s more clear and sharper. It was blurry at first then my eyes calmed down.”

Groberg said she had tried a long time to run her business but realized she needed someone else to help. “I couldn’t look at email or at the computer,” she said. “Emily (one of her employees) started helping out. She had the capacity that I didn’t. It was a beautiful transition.”

After wearing the glasses for two years, Groberg’s company, BookSmarts Accounting and Bookkeeping, started to take off. “I felt alive and said ‘let’s go.’” Groberg said. “We’ve grown a ton. Our staff has doubled in the last three years. We have 300 clients across the U.S. and have $1.4 million in revenue.” 

BookSmarts Accounting and Bookkeeping an all female staff that works remotely. She wants to give women the opportunity to work while still caring for a family. “We want to be moms,” said Groberg. “It’s awesome. The happiest employees are all women. I wouldn’t be where I am without my staff they do phenomenal work.”

Groberg said she wants to serve the women in Davis County. She raised $11,000 for the girls Davis High School tennis team because they were short on funds this year.  “I want to give back. I don’t want to take credit for success I feel it was God and divine intervention.”

BookSmarts Accounting and Bookkeeping was selected this year as one of Utah’s 100 companies championing women. Groberg also won the prestigious Stevie Awards for Women in Business. It’s the world’s premiere honor for female entrepreneurs, executives, employees and the organizations they run.

Little things make up big things, she said. “People told me to just accept where I was at. I knew there was more for me. It was not good enough. I knew I could do it. It was the long game but I knew I would get better any second, any day. It didn't happen. I’m a woman of faith and I knew deep down in my soul there was more.”