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‘Jekyll & Hyde’ a chilling tale of good and evil

Oct 06, 2023 12:23PM ● By Becky Ginos
 Dr. Henry Jekyll lights up as he dreams of the possibility of what his scientific experiment could mean.

Dr. Henry Jekyll lights up as he dreams of the possibility of what his scientific experiment could mean.

CENTERVILLE—Does anyone really know what is deep inside? Is there an evil side that fights against the good? Dr. Henry Jekyll considers that question in an effort to find a cure for his father who is suffering from mental illness. 

Set in London in the 1800s, CenterPointe Legacy Theatre’s production of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic Jekyll & Hyde takes a more sinister turn as the brilliant scientist’s passion turns dark. Jekyll tries to convince the Board of Governors and other townsfolk that he can prove his theory if only he can just find a test subject. He is rebuffed by the board that does not believe his claims. 

His fiancé, Emma Carew’s unwavering love and devotion spurs him on to find the answers. At a bachelor’s party before their wedding day, Jekyll meets Lucy Beaconsfield, a prostitute with a good heart. Although they are drawn to each other Jekyll does not succumb to her advances. However, Lucy is enamored by the doctor because of his gentle and caring manner toward her.

When Jekyll realizes he has no support for his experiment, he decides to test it on himself, resulting in a more dramatic transformation than he could ever imagine. The once good man whose only desire was to discover a treatment for his ailing father and others, finds himself becoming something much more sinister – his alter ego Edward Hyde. 

Hyde sets about causing mayhem in the town and murdering all those who stand in his way, especially members of the Board of Governors who dismissed his scientific project. Jekyll tries to stop Hyde, but realizes the monster he has created cannot be stopped. The townspeople become increasingly fearful as there is murder after murder. Jekyll tries to protect his loved ones from his monstrous alter ego by hiding away in his laboratory. Even shutting out Emma as their wedding day approaches. Leaving his best friend John Utterson baffled by his behavior as well. 

When Lucy comes to his door and presents the card Jekyll gave her in case she ever needed his help, he relents and sees her. Lucy shows Jekyll the wounds she suffered from one of her customers and he tenderly treats the bruises. Little does she know about the evil that lurks inside.

The hauntingly beautiful music by Frank Wildhorn is the backdrop for this chilling story of good and evil while creating some lighter moments at the brothel. 

Ben Lowell (TTHS) brings Jekyll and Hyde to life portraying the earnest scientist who flips the switch to become the monster Hyde. Lowell’s strong singing voice portrays the torture he is going through. Lucy (Casey Matern, TTHS) proves that she is more than just a prostitute. Clay Rockwood (John Utterson, TTHS) plays the ever faithful friend and Amanda Frisby (Emma Carew, TTHS) Jekyll’s devoted fiancé.

A talented cast gives the audience a glimpse of how the townsfolk are impacted by Jekyll’s experiment that went airy. 

Jekyll & Hyde is probably not for young children because of the dark and sinister themes of the play but it’s a treat for everyone else.

Jekyll & Hyde runs through Oct. 21, Monday – Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Saturday Matinees 2:30 p.m. Tickets are $19-37 and available by calling 801-298-1302 or online at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre is located at  525 N. 400 West in Centerville.