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The Dog Den offers a new kind of kennel

Oct 09, 2023 02:32PM ● By Braden Nelsen

Two customers get the royal treatment from groomers at the Dog Den. Photo by Braden Nelsen

NORTH SALT LAKE—One of the biggest head scratchers that many dog owners have is what to do with their beloved pet when they go out of town. Many will trust friends or relatives, but, for many that’s not an option. So many people are so busy, what can be done when there’s no one to care for your pet?

Boarding them at the Dog Den in North Salt Lake is a solid way to ensure they get the best care while you’re out and about. And that’s not all they provide either. The Dog Den also provides much-needed services like grooming and even a retail corner for all your dog’s needs, but there’s more than offering these services that set them apart as a business.

Gina Fox and Shane Tyler both got their start in the industry at another similar business, boarding and grooming dogs. Both of them would discuss and trade ideas, saying “If we ever did our own place, we’d do it like this, or like this,” but neither of them really had any intention of starting their own business. Fate, however, had other plans, it seemed. 

The organization where they worked had a round of corporate layoffs, and, instead of looking for another place to work, they went into business for themselves, “It was kind of the push we needed,” they said. Even though the business is only two years old, things seem to be going well: their grooming appointments are booked two weeks out after all, and the awards just seem to keep flying in. 

But what’s their secret? What sets them apart from other businesses like them? A lot of it has to do with attention to detail, and a different perspective. Tyler explained how in many kennels, the dogs are separated simply into large, and small breeds. The Dog Den takes things one step further by separating them into small, medium, and large, and paying attention to their specific needs, and energy levels.

Many dog owners have heard the saying, “A tired dog is a happy dog,” and Tyler, who has made a study of canine behavior for 15 years now, said that’s not necessarily the case. The employees at the Dog Den have found that, just like with people, dogs need regular rest to be their happiest and best selves, and that’s one of the other aspects that sets them apart: allowing dogs to rest between play.

Perhaps their greatest asset at the Dog Den, however, is the fact that they genuinely care about their clients, both the dogs, and the people who bring them in. Fox explained how rewarding it is just to see new dogs arrive and “watch them go from shut down and scared to having fun and playing,” a sentiment which Tyler echoed, saying how great it is to see them really come into their own as dogs. 

“We love them all like we love our own,” said Fox, sharing that the hardest part of their job is when the dogs they love and care for pass away. Sometimes they get to say goodbye, and sometimes they don’t, but it’s difficult each time, “when they lose one, we hurt,” but it’s that care and attention that really makes their organization special.

The Dog Den is located in North Salt Lake, and offers boarding, and grooming services, along with specialized activities and services for the dogs staying there. λ