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Lakeview one of top 20 in the nation for small community hospitals

Oct 26, 2023 10:30AM ● By Becky Ginos
Lakeview Hospital’s Labor & Delivery team. The hospital’s promise is “to provide the quality of healthcare we want our closest loved ones to receive.” Courtesy photo

Lakeview Hospital’s Labor & Delivery team. The hospital’s promise is “to provide the quality of healthcare we want our closest loved ones to receive.” Courtesy photo

BOUNTIFUL—Lakeview Hospital has been named one of the top 100 hospitals in the nation by PINC AI and specifically in the top 20 for small community hospitals. The hospital also received a five star rating last month.

“That’s a high bar to achieve,” said Lakeview CEO, Troy Wood. “This is the 12th year we’ve made the top 100 list. The top 100 is any size hospital in the nation. Out of 2,644 small community hospitals in the nation subgroup we’re in the top 20 and have been seven out of the past eight years as well.”

The rankings are based on data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), said Wood. “It measures patient experience. We do a follow up survey that is now required. It’s government regulated that we offer a survey that measures us against other national hospitals.”

It covers operational efficiency, he said. “How is the flow of the hospital? How long did you have to wait in the ER before being treated? How many times did you revisit the hospital because the treatment was not successful or how many times did you have to go back because the illness wasn’t fully recovered?”

The survey also looks at the financial health of the hospital, said Wood. “It’s not necessarily the bottom line, it’s also how responsibly we utilize funds to take care of patients in an efficient manner.”

Also, community impact, he said. “How involved is the hospital in the community with diversity and inclusion and volunteer services? The award is rather holistic and shows how the hospital gives value back to the community.”

Wood said he is so proud of the award. “It measures how we are doing in achieving our mission which is ‘Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.’”

Employees make a personal promise on how they’re going to live that mission, he said. “We talk about it in orientation. We create a culture that supports that mission. Lakeview Hospital’s promise is ‘to provide the quality of healthcare we want our closest loved ones to receive.’”

It’s the starting point for safety, said Wood. “But it takes it one step further about why you would do those things if it was you or your mother. So how do you get 600 employees to give the quality of healthcare they’d want for a loved one? We talk about it incessantly.”

Wood said he walks around the hospital every day. “I go from top to bottom and check in on our employees so they know we’re all invested in that quality. We hire people with the same values of caring for others and improving human life.”

It’s the people behind the award Wood said he’s most proud of. “They have incredible value systems and work toward the common goal which is living that promise to take care of patients as if they were your closest loved ones.”

The mission statement is part of the parent company HCA (Hospital Corporation of America), he said. “Lakeview has personalized that mission by adding the promise. The promise was established 10 years ago by the administrative team.”

Wood said all the hard work and recognition is something they do for the community. “The community deserves world class care in their own backyard.”