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A new year begins – make it a good one

Jan 02, 2024 02:58PM ● By Becky Ginos
Rendering of the new Western Sports Park in Farmington.The 120,000 square foot facility will be completed in 2024. Rendering courtesy of Davis County

Rendering of the new Western Sports Park in Farmington.The 120,000 square foot facility will be completed in 2024. Rendering courtesy of Davis County

When the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31, a New Year is ushered in. A new beginning for some, for others it’s a rewind of the past year of resolutions made, resolutions forgotten.

It all started some 4,000 years ago when the ancient Babylonians made promises to the gods during a massive 12-day religious festival to return any objects they had borrowed and pay their debts, according to The New Year didn’t start in January either. It was in March when crops were planted.

Today, instead of making promises to the gods, most people make promises to themselves to do better and be better in the coming year. It’s a time for reflection of who you are and what you want to become.

From goals to lose weight to making more time for family, everyone must evaluate themselves and their lives to decide what’s attainable for them in 2024. Figure out what changes need to be made for 2024 to be the best year ever so when 2025 rolls around you don’t have to look back on 2024 with disappointment.

Looking ahead to 2024, city and county leaders and the community share their thoughts. 

Mayors -

John Pohlman, Fruit Heights Mayor

Fruit Heights is currently in the final stages of strategizing and organizing the implementation of an active transportation plan in the city. Among the upcoming trail projects to get started in 2024 are: 

  • Extending the hiking and walking Bonneville Shoreline Trail from Kaysville Wilderness Park to Farmington. 
  • Constructing mountain bike trails in collaboration with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. 
  • Establishing a new trailhead for the Bair Canyon. 
  • Paving a trail on the east side of US-89. 

Brett Anderson, Farmington Mayor

1.  Participate in at least one quality time event each week with each of my kids and with my wife.

2.  Avoid going to Disneyland in 2024.

3.  Respond more quickly to emails and text messages (there is real need here).

4.  Continue to do all I can to stop the windstorms in Farmington.

5.  Listen more and request more input from those around me.

6.  Stop trying to stop drinking Diet Coke.

7.  Learn to eat a food/dish that I currently despise (e.g., avocado, peppers, or ranch dressing).

8.  Never, ever, ever try to learn to like ranch dressing.

9.  Be present (put the phone away, not just down).

10. Find an exercise routine that works (and that doesn’t hurt the next day).

Kendalyn Harris, Bountiful Mayor

My goals are to create a video about each department at Bountiful City giving residents useful information and highlighting City functions. I also plan to focus on economic development. I hope to foster closer relationships with my husband and each of my kids by serving them.

Tami Tran, Kaysville Mayor 

Here are our Goals for 2024:

1. Upgrade and repair aging infrastructure, including roads, water lines, power lines, to ensure the safety and efficiency of our city’s utility and transportation systems.

2. Implement a comprehensive redevelopment plan to revitalize and enhance the downtown area, attracting new businesses, residents, and visitors.

3. Encourage the development of single-family housing options to accommodate the growing population and provide affordable and diverse housing choices for our residents.

4. Support and promote current businesses in Kaysville, providing them with resources and assistance to grow and thrive in our community.

5. Attract new businesses to Kaysville, diversifying our economy and creating job opportunities for residents.

6. Foster a business-friendly environment by streamlining regulations and processes, making it easier for entrepreneurs to start and expand their ventures in our city.

7. Strengthen partnerships and collaboration with neighboring cities, county, and state agencies to address regional challenges and opportunities.

8. Engage and involve the community in decision-making processes, ensuring that their voices are heard and their needs are considered in shaping the future of Kaysville by creating a Kaysville Community Council.

Brian Horrocks, North Salt Lake Mayor

Two major construction projects for 2024. Foxboro Wetlands Park and the reconstruction of Hatch Park. We will redo the bridge design over the railroad tracks on 1100 North as we continue to work with Union Pacific for a solution they will accept.

Commissioners -

Lorene Kamalu, Davis County Commissioner

  • Continue remarkable collaboration with a task force of many stakeholders for the new State law that requires Davis County to have a shelter for our most vulnerable people. And Davis County has many vulnerable individuals and families.
  • Ensure that this shelter actually helps to stabilize folks who move on to better situations and that the place receives tremendous community support.
  • Live up to the level of professionalism at and community support to Davis County Animal Care. Construction will start on the new facility in the foothills above Kaysville/Fruit Heights. Heaven knows we have needed a facility appropriate for the growth and needs of this county for a very long time.
  • Fulfill my commitment to Dr. Susan Madsen’s “Bolder Way Forward” by inviting many people, including legislators to work on better policies; and by giving voice to survivors of sexual violence. Utah has the ninth worst numbers in the entire nation. Davis Co’s numbers of children being sexually abused and all sexual abuse is horrible. We have got to do better as a community and prevent abuse.
  • Be patient with people who load the dishwasher wrong at my house. Maybe try harder to resist the impulse to redo people’s bad loading.
  • Kiss and hug my husband more after the long and wonderful county work days.

Thank you for all the good that everyone does in Davis County! We live in a very special place in the entire world! You make a difference.

Randy Elliott, Davis County Commissioner

Davis County continues to be a very smooth running county as we continue to see the world in interesting times. Davis County continues to be financially sound. As we go into a Presidential election year Davis County will continue to lead the way in openness and accessibility to witness the whole election process as we will have wrapped up the new election center in 2024 so all can come and watch the Republican voting process. 

We will also complete construction of the new Western Sports Park in West Farmington, a great asset in driving tourism and recreation to the County. We ask for continued prayer for moisture as the Great Salt Lake still has a ways to go in being at a stable level. Yes we have full reservoirs to help us get by next year but it would be nice to send more water to the lake. 

My goal is to continue to represent the citizens of Davis County, improving and preserving our quality of life, our freedoms and our community. And of course my lifelong goal to be a great husband and dad to my beautiful family!

Bob Stevenson, Davis County Commissioner

2024 will be a busy and challenging year in government. Party elections, pressures on revenues without tax increase, housing, homelessness, adequate workforce to name a few. My goals will include fair and transparent elections, protecting county/cities’ rights of zoning along with supporting housing starts for first time buyers/young families. Caring for and helping the needy with shelter, training, food, and basic medical care is a must. I look forward to 2024 and all the good we can all do in making Davis County an even better place to live, work, and raise our families.

Other Resolutions -

John Robison, school board

As a school board member, I always reflect on the coming year with great anticipation. Our schools in the state of Utah are filled with dedicated and passionate teachers, administrators, and staff members. Davis School District is no different. Every time I visit a school I’m overwhelmed with the commitment of the teachers to their students. Regardless of the challenges they face, each day they come to school and do their very best to help each student progress.

Looking forward to 2024, I am anxious to continue to work with my fellow colleagues on the board to do our part in helping move the district forward. We rely heavily on the expertise and experience of our district administrators in this process. It is vital that we continue to communicate with our staff and to also be sensitive to the constituents we represent. I’m also looking forward to working with our Davis County legislators on the important issues facing the educational community. I appreciate the hard work our legislators put in as they represent us.

Finally, as a board member, I look forward to continuing my efforts as I work with others, to make our schools and our district a place of belonging for everyone.

Tif Miller, South Davis Recreation Center Executive Director

My resolution is to find new and exciting ways to create memories for my family and I.

Sheriff Kelly Sparks, Davis County Sheriff’s Office 

I am anxious to continue serving the citizens of our county in 2024, protecting our constitutional rights and improving the quality of life for everyone in Davis County. 

The Sheriff’s Office has some great goals for this coming year. Utilizing some federal funding available for emergency preparation and response, we plan to break ground on a dedicated emergency operations center. This has been a need in our county for a long time and we are anxious to get this project going. In the jail we will be implementing a Medication Assisted Treatment program to help people in our custody overcome addiction and get their lives back. Money from the state opioid settlement will help fund this project. One of the community outreach goals we have for the coming year is to host a one or two day junior deputy day camp. This should be a great opportunity to encourage some of our children and youth to be more aware and more involved in their community. This is a program we have been working on for a couple of years and we are excited to get it going in 2024. 

Like most of law enforcement we have struggled for a few years to recruit and retain good officers. Due to some great work within the Sheriff's Office and in the community, and in partnership with Davis County Human Resources, we are closing in on being fully staffed. One focus for the upcoming year will be recognition and retention of the great men and women who serve this community every day at the Sheriff’s Office. I am so thankful for their service and I want to make sure we take care of them. Public support for our deputies is a big part of that and I also want to express my deep appreciation for all the support we do receive from this community.  

We at the Sheriff’s Office are looking forward to all the great things to come in 2024. 

Darin Brush, Davis Technical College President 

I believe 2024 will be the best year in Davis Technical College’s 46-year history. My goals for the college next year are: 

• Provide a world class technical education experience for each of our 7,000 students. 

• Help our local companies by providing even more graduates.

• Continue doing the things that made us the 2023 Davis County Employer of the Year.

Plus, I still need to lose more than a few pounds (a carryover resolution from the past 10 years).

Davis Journal Staff -

“This year, I want to spend more of my time in wonder and appreciation. We are inundated with images and videos and messages that demand our time and attention, but I intend to turn away from the screens and the shouting, and spend more time searching for awe.

Awe is defined as “reverential respect.” I’ve felt it while watching the stars or when I’m holding a new grandchild. I’ve experienced awe in a sunrise over the Wasatch Mountains and sitting on a San Diego beach.

But awe isn’t always in the big things. Sometimes it’s the small connections that bring wonder. Awe can be found in the kindness of strangers and the love of a pet. It isn’t loud and ostentatious, it’s often whispered in stillness.

It’s my goal to find that more often in 2024. There’s enough noise. I need more awe.”

— Peri Kinder 

"My resolution is to travel more"

— Braden Nelsen

“I want to spend more time enjoying the present than worrying about the future or the past. Life is too short for that.”

— Becky Ginos

Community Resolutions -

“I don’t believe in resolutions. You never keep them so you get discouraged and down on yourself. I’m not going to do it.” — Dionne Halverson

“My resolution is getting healthy in general, physically and mentally. Especially in my field of health administration.” — Tala Talauega

“I want to focus on mental health the entire year. My mental health has been struggling. I also want to finish my journal for the year of 2024.” — Charleen Masima