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Two new voices on the North Salt Lake City Council

Feb 01, 2024 09:49AM ● By Peri Kinder

Suzette Jackson and Tammy Clayton were officially seated on the North Salt Lake City Council on Jan. 2, after they were elected to office in November. Both women are excited to start their terms representing the residents of the city.

Jackson was brought up in a civic-minded family where she was taught that to be a responsible adult, she had to have a job, be active in the community and be engaged in the political system. Both of her parents regularly worked as delegates and poll workers.

“I’ve always been raised to feel like that was something we do in our country. It’s a right but it’s also a privilege,” she said. “I started thinking about politics in general. I think that our city level is overlooked a lot.”

Serving on a local level is where she feels she can do the most good, since decisions made in city council meetings affect topics like water cleanliness, streets and roads, police and fire, and zoning issues. Jackson said she always tells her kids they can’t complain about something unless they’re willing to work toward a solution. 

Jackson has lived in North Salt Lake for 20 years and wants to make her time in office a contribution to the community. She’s been studying the issues and attended the training for new council members. As she gets started with her term, she wants residents to know they can reach out to her for any reason.

“My only intent is to be a representative,” she said. “I just want to keep our community a community [residents] can enjoy. I’ve raised five kids here, I’ve been through the school system, I’m currently sitting on the community council board for the high school. So I just want to hear what other people have to say and what their concerns are.”

Clayton has lived in the North Salt Lake/Bountiful area for most of her life. She decided to run for the city council to be a voice for people who might not understand how city government works. After serving as chair of the parks, arts, trails and recreation board for the last four years. Clayton understands how one person can make a difference. 

She encourages residents to attend council meetings and to educate themselves on the issues facing city leaders. 

“I’m just a normal person that wants a good, safe city to live in,” she said. “I just want people to feel that they have a good community, that they can have good neighbors and they can watch things grow and develop in a good, smart, manageable way.”

Clayton thinks North Salt Lake is a great place to live, with its city events, welcoming neighborhoods and goals for the future. She also hopes residents will contact her if they have an issue the council needs to address.

“I’m open to people asking me questions,” she said. “If I don’t know the answer, I’m willing to educate myself, but I wouldn’t give an answer just to give an answer. Because there’s a lot that I don’t know but there’s a lot I’ve learned over time.”