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Weller’s Bistro brings outstanding service, flavors to Davis

Feb 08, 2024 02:19PM ● By Braden Nelsen
The entrance to Weller’s Bistro – as warm and inviting as the food inside. Courtesy photos

The entrance to Weller’s Bistro – as warm and inviting as the food inside. Courtesy photos

LAYTON—Driving through Davis County, it’s not hard to find many great options for dining. Whether people in Davis are in the mood for sushi, a gyro, or a classic hamburger, most towns have them covered. For those wanting something both mouthwateringly delicious and off the beaten culinary path, it’s impossible to go wrong with Weller’s Bistro at 197 North Main Street in Layton.

Jan Weller, owner and operator of Weller’s Bistro has some amazing experience that he brings to the table. Having trained for three years in fine dining in Hattingen, Germany, Weller has brought his talents to such well-renowned establishments as the Savoy in London, The Goldener Hirsch Inn, High West Distillery, and Promontory Club in Park City. Still, it had always been his dream to open a restaurant of his own, and his location in Layton was nothing short of a dream come true.

“I knew this was the place,” Weller said, saying how he’d always wanted a smaller, bistro setting as opposed to a larger restaurant. Despite this dream and his impressive resume, he knew it would be a risk. “It’s a tough business, for sure.” Weller’s Bistro opened in 2019 and has been turning heads ever since. Building a quick collection of regular customers, Weller said that people like that, who just keep coming back, “did help us get through COVID.”

Weller’s Bistro didn’t just survive pandemic-era shutdowns, however: they thrived, and it’s due in large part to Weller’s extraordinary business model, in which, as he put it, “Good food is one part of the dining experience.” Even though it’s only one part, good food is never in short supply at Weller’s Bistro. “It’s just what I love doing!” Weller said. That love is reflected superbly in his cooking and recipes, a good number of which have been passed down from generation to generation.

One of Weller’s most popular dishes, the Jägerschnitzel with mushroom gravy. Courtesy photo

This includes some of the fan favorites like his grandfather’s goulash recipe, or the delicious sauerkraut, along with some new takes on old favorites. With so many options on the menu, there’s a little something for everyone at Weller’s but, there are still those that outpace the rest, “for every one entree I sell,” Weller said, “I sell two schnitzel.” The breaded pork cutlet is a favorite among lovers of German cuisine, and Weller’s is no exception.

While the food is outstanding, the service, Weller asserts, can’t be one step behind. Even if the food is good, bad service can really make or break the experience. In fact, Weller makes it a priority when hiring servers that he looks “for people who care,” and that for him, it’s all about “creating this environment that people love coming to.” Beyond the menu, it’s the little touches that make the difference for Weller’s Bistro. 

“The whole concept of Weller’s Bistro,” he said, “is based on my experiences. It’s a reflection of me.” Even though he puts in plenty of overtime (sometimes 70 hours or more a week) making sure it’s the best reflection of himself possible, Weller said, “All the hard work pays off when I see people enjoying themselves (at the bistro). That’s what it’s all about.” And people are certainly enjoying the bistro, the food, the environment, and the service. So much so, Weller said that he’s even been toying with the idea of a second location, though nothing is set in stone. 

Until then, Davis County residents can find some delicious comfort food at Weller’s Bistro, served by a dedicated staff, and cooked up by professionals who have five-star training and experience, right on Main Street in Layton. Guten Appetit!