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The buzz about phones in school

Feb 08, 2024 02:38PM ● By Kate Pearson - Davis Journal high school intern

 Anywhere you go, there are cell phones. There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t have one now. They are essential to modern communication, direction, and more. There is a world of information discovered with just the click of a button.

Cell phones are often used in the workplace. At my job, I use it to search up information on our app or use the calculator when I can’t do the math in my head. My work schedule is posted entirely online. Other people use their cell phones for calls or to search Google for information they need. They also might take photos. Keeping a calendar and setting reminders helps immensely with time management. Many companies have set up cell phone apps for employee use. Cell phones make life in the workplace so much easier.

Even though cell phones are being used more and more in the workforce, there is question on whether schools should allow it. I am a high school senior. I could not tell you how many times I’ve needed my phone for class. Teachers put together Kahoots or other online quizzes that require a cell phone to participate. Sometimes I’ve needed to take pictures of the board because I’m not fast enough to get all the information down or there is a diagram or picture that helps me understand better. Teachers often require one to take a picture of your assignment and upload it to Canvas. Maneuvering the laptop to take a picture is difficult at best. The quality is awful and I can never get the right angle. I end up with one corner in the frame. A useless picture.

Since COVID, schools have moved to more digital learning. Most assignments are online or need to be uploaded there. However, the school computers are awful. They are slow and take 10 years to update. Instead of waiting for the computer to catch up, sometimes it is easier to do an assignment quickly on your phone. I’ve done that several times in class and can complete the assignment much faster, wasting less class time. Along with completing assignments online, I also get notifications from Canvas. These notifications are sometimes announcements for a class that need to be seen immediately. Other notifications tell whether an assignment was graded or not and shows you the score. Seeing my scores earlier helps me because if it is a good score, I am no longer stressed, but if it is a bad score, I can talk to my teachers before I leave the building for extra help. The notifications also show upcoming assignments, so you can see what is coming up in a class and prepare for it.

Beyond class, cell phones are important for communication at school. It’s convenient having my mom a text away at school. If I forget something I need for a class, I can text her and have her run it to me. If she needs me to do something on the way home from school, she can contact me easily. If I’m feeling sick, one text and she can check me out. This also works for friends if you want to meet up in between classes or for lunch.

Cell phones aren’t always used as they should be. I admit that sometimes they can be a distraction, but the benefits outweigh the negatives. Utilizing cell phones in class can make learning a lot easier for both teachers and students and getting rid of them at school would be a hindrance rather than a help.

Kate is a senior at Clearfield High School. She is interning with the Davis Journal for the semester.