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ElectraFly leading the way in advanced flying machines

Feb 22, 2024 11:16AM ● By Becky Ginos
Local company ElectraFly is developing advanced supply delivery and personal flight machines. Photo courtesy of ElectraFly

Local company ElectraFly is developing advanced supply delivery and personal flight machines. Photo courtesy of ElectraFly

NORTH SALT LAKE—In a world of high tech innovation, local company ElectraFly is right up there – literally – developing advanced flying machines for supply delivery and personal flight. The company has been recognized by the US Air Force for its novel composite manufacturing methods.

“It has international patent-pending solutions that aim to increase flight times and lifting capacity for vertical take-off and landing aircraft of all sizes,” said Jason Burgess, Co-founder, Director of Operations. “ElectraFly manufactures prototypes, parts and features to support its program and also to help other innovative companies.”

The personal flight machine has a hybrid electrical system, said John Manning, Founder and Director of Development. “It has small turbojets underneath that drive propellers on the end of the wings. We haven’t flown it with a person on it yet. We’ve been more focused on our package delivery.”

The personal vehicles are proposed to do the same thing, he said. “We foresee our machine as more personally owned.”

The rider shouldn't have to have training, said Manning. “It’s as easy to do as driving a car. There’s an onboard computer to calculate wind drift, etc. and operate it left to right.”

It’s not complicated, he said. “You’ll likely just need a basic license by the FAA. It’s a less difficult license to get. It falls under the ultralight category.”

“It’s still early,” said Burgess. “Regulations are still evolving. It’s still years away, it won’t be all at once. It will be a gradual adoption. There’s still a lot to figure out.”

ElectraFly works in composites, said Manning. “We focus not only on flying machines but how they’re made and how to produce aerospace parts at automobile pricing.”

“We’ll do it for our own needs but for other companies as well,” said Burgess. “We’re consulting with local governments and companies for integration of advanced air mobility.”

Manning has been in the aviation industry for more than 30 years with both RC aircraft and as an ATP-rated pilot, according to his bio. He has flown Canadair, Embraer, Boeing and Airbus aircraft. He is a former flight instructor and is currently an advanced ground instructor. Manning earned a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Technology from Utah State University’s College of Engineering. Manning worked in the real estate industry after college alongside his aviation work. It was his involvement in real estate that led to the launch of several companies and his experience made the creation of ElectraFly possible.

They’ve been working out of their basements and houses, he said. “We’re getting a permanent location at Skypark Airport in Woods Cross. Virtually all prototyping is in house.”

ElectraFly has relied on local expertise for manufacturing, said Manning. “We’re a northern Utah company and we try to draw on those resources.” 

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