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Firefighters have achieved 20 significant saves within the community

May 02, 2024 09:16AM ● By Cindi Mansell

Kaysville Fire Chief Paul Erickson recently briefed the City Council on 2023 happenings. The Fire Department serves 10.5 square miles and 33,900 residents. In 2023, the Fire Department responded to 1,950 emergency incidents, including medical emergencies, fires, rescues, and hazardous material situations. Fire crews respond to a diverse range of incidents with expertise and professionalism, addressing everything from cardiac issues to battling structure fires.

Kaysville employs 22 full-time firefighters, 13 part-time firefighters, one part-time junior fire setter counselor, and one part-time administrative assistant (37 total). They conducted 1,020 annual inspections, including 439 commercial and 576 homes, and eight food trucks. They also oversee and organize various events such as the Trunk or Treat, Easter Egg Hunt, school visits and field days, multiple station tours, CPR classes, and public outreach and education.

Remarkably, firefighters achieved 20 significant saves within the community. Their prompt and decisive actions resulted in the revival of cardiac arrest patients, the rescue of a family from a mudslide, the preservation of property from fire damage and numerous other impactful interventions.

Teams engage in ongoing fire and emergency medical training to ensure that every firefighter, whether an Advanced-EMT or Paramedic, is fully equipped to manage any scenario. Last year, each employee dedicated an average of 240 hours to training, totaling more than 5,100 hours collectively as a department.

The Fire Department takes immense pride in serving the Kaysville community and is deeply grateful for the unwavering support received from residents, the mayor, city council, and city leadership, Erickson said. They are eager to continue the mission of safeguarding and supporting the community throughout 2024.