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Davis Journal

The Dispersing Unity of Our Country

May 09, 2024 01:22PM ● By Kate Pearson - Davis Journal Intern

Voting is the duty of every American citizen. We have a responsibility to our country to vote. We were built on the idea of every voice mattering and having a say in the government. It is disrespectful to our founders and our ancestors who didn't have a voice and fought to give us one if we choose not to exercise that right. The election of 2024, however, is shaping up to be a very difficult election. 

The last thing America needs is a repeat of 2020. With COVID, the war in Ukraine, and George Floyd’s death, 2020 was a difficult year. America was fragmented more than ever. This was also reflected in the 2020 election. People were pitted against each other. You were on one side or the other. There was no in-between and no reconciliation between parties. 

Teens voting for the first time are in a tough position. It seems there are no good options. Both probable candidates are over 75 years old: How can people of that age relate to the younger generation? How can they reflect our needs?

As an 18-year-old voter, I worry about the next four years. I worry about this election. I want a candidate that can represent me. 

Looking back on previous elections and candidates, modern America is very different. Parties used to work together for the betterment of the people. They were capable of recognizing what needed to be done regardless of the mouth that said it was lined in blue or red. Now, they work against each other, each trying to further their own agenda and not furthering what America needs. 

America was built on strong foundations of unity and equality. We rise and fall together. We have worked hard to give everyone a voice because 246 years ago, we had none.

George Washington warned in his farewell address against political parties and the divisions they cause. Abraham Lincoln emphasized the importance of maintaining the union and fought his hardest to preserve it. 

Would they like what they see now? Is this the America they fought for?

America is in a downward spiral of divisiveness. Families, friends, and neighbors are divided on political views. Their relationships are ruined. I’ve seen it within my own family.

I hope that this country can look inward and find that we are all Americans. We are all trying our best. I hope my generation can fix the mess we’ve inherited. I hope that we can unify ourselves again and work towards a better future.