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Viewmont football coach and teacher named Davis School District Teacher of the Year

May 16, 2024 11:03AM ● By Becky Ginos

BOUNTIFUL—Viewmont High School head football coach and teacher Andru Jones is always looking to help others succeed – now he is the one in the spotlight. Jones was named Davis School District Teacher of the Year and was honored at a surprise assembly on Wednesday. He was also presented with the keys to a new car from Young Kia that he can drive for a year.

“This is our most prestigious award in the district,” said Davis School District Assistant Superintendent Dr. Logan Toone. “Mr. Jones is a rock star among teachers. Thank you for all that you do for students.”

“I spent 17 years of my life in this space (Viewmont),” said Davis School District Superintendent Dr. Dan Linford. “It doesn’t surprise me that two years in a row they would choose a teacher at Viewmont. Give another round of applause for your teacher because he cares about you and loves you.”

Mr. Jones is a special man, Linford said. “I’ve worked with head coaches that have a conversation with you while holding your mask. He’s not like that. He’s got a great mind for strategy but he’s a humble, sweet life long learner.”

“I first met Andru when I was coaching at Northridge High,” said Viewmont Principal Travis Lund. “He was an athlete there. The kid had some health issues but he worked hard on the field to overcome his health problems.”

When Viewmont had an opening in special ed and for a head football coach he applied, Lund said. “He was the best for the job. The school he was coming from said he was the best person in the building and it would kill them to lose him.”

Everyone shouts ‘a car for you’ on stage during a surprise school assembly where coach and teacher Andru Jones received the use of a new Kia from Young Kia. Photo by Roger V. Tuttle

Unified Sports was just going to start, he said. “He headed that up and taught in the classroom and pulled in peer tutors. It was a cool experience for the students (in that special education program) to have a class and learn to compete.”

Just this morning (Wednesday) he took his players to clean up the Centerville Cemetery to get it ready for Memorial Day, Lund said. “He tries to instill in his student-athletes that what they do in school, with other students and in the community should represent them well.”

“This is amazing,” said Jones. “I had no idea. I was told it was for Unified Sports. I came down and thought ‘holy moly there are so many great teachers.’ This has been a storm of emotions.”

Jones started teaching in 2008 and came to Viewmont two years ago. “This is my dream job,” he said. “I love the small town community feel. I love the area. I’ve always wanted to be here.”

NFL football player Hunter Dimick, a former player for Jones, was at the assembly to honor his coach. “I’ve stayed in touch,” said Jones. “I take care of him whenever he needs something. When you’re a coach and teacher the job doesn’t end when they graduate. They can come back and ask for things and I’m always there for the kids.”

Jones said Viewmont didn’t have Unified Sports yet when he came on. “It started with 15-16 kids and now we have 40 kids. It’s awesome. We have peers from other sports play with students in the special needs program.”

“He’s an amazing person and coach,” said Viewmont junior Michael Sanchez. “He motivates us to do better and he will help you in any situation whether it’s in school or something else you can call him and he'll help you out. He teaches us to love each other. That’s his coaching style.”

“I love him,” said junior Blake Moore. “He was the driving force for me to come here to school and play football. He’s involved and he has excitement and a positive energy but he pushes us.”

It’s been fun to get to know him and hang out with him, said Moore. “He’s a great coach and father figure.”

“My philosophy is to build a program with love in the process,” said Jones. “If you love your school, community and yourself you’ll be successful in this life. That is the model I believe in.”