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Inaugural tattoo show makes its mark

May 31, 2024 07:55AM ● By Braden Nelsen

LAYTON—The custom of tattooing has been an integral part of world culture for thousands of years if not more, and while the practice, methods, and designs have evolved over the years, tattooing is alive and well in Davis County. This was very evident at the recent Classic Tattoo Show in Layton at the Davis Conference Center May 17-19.

Celebrating its inaugural year, the Classic Tattoo Show featured dozens of tattoo artists from around the area, all practicing their craft in a safe, welcoming, and hygienic environment. Attendees could get ideas for designs, pick up merchandise, or even get a tattoo for themselves at many of the booths during the convention. It was a celebration of all things tattoo, and that’s just the way event organizer Tyler Bloomingdale wanted it.

“It’s a necessary thing in the area,” Bloomingdale said. Bloomingdale, who is himself a tattoo artist and shop owner at Warhawk Tattoo in Layton. He was “never a promoter prior to this,” but was pleased with how things came together, especially to help promote local artists. That, more than anything, was what the Classic Tattoo Show was all about: community. And Bloomingdale intends to keep it that way. 

Bloomingdale’s business model for both his shop, and the tattoo show may seem counterintuitive to business, but it’s one that enhances that feeling of community, and trust when it comes to tattoo artists. “If we don’t feel like we have the right artist for you,” he said, “we can find the right artist for you, even if they’re not in our shop.” Events like the Classic Tattoo Show allow for that kind of networking all in one spot. 

Despite an impressive inaugural year, including tattoo artists of many different styles, vendor booths for all ages, classic cars, and a motorcycle ride with Hell Monkey Cycles, there’s more to come next year, and Bloomingdale wants to keep it local, right here in Davis. While there was plenty of opportunity to get a tattoo at the show, Bloomingdale’s advice for those thinking about their first was to wait, “If you find an idea you like, wait a year.” 

That may just be the perfect opportunity for attendees who saw the amazing designs this year to think about it, let it sit, and come back to the Classic Tattoo Show next year. Those who missed the show can still find Bloomingdale and his team at Warhawk Tattoo at 1596 N. Hill Field Rd. Suite E, in Layton.