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County Treasurer

Matt Brady

Meet MATT BRADY– a man of integrity. After 15 years with Utah’s state retirement system, Matt joined Davis County Government in 2022, where he currently serves as Chief Deputy Treasurer. Matt is focused on cost-efficient property tax collection and administration, and is committed to upholding statutory requirements and standards of practice. He serves taxpayers with kindness, efficiency, and transparency. Matt holds a Master of Public Administration from BYU and an Economics degree from the University of Utah. BANK ON BRADY to serve as our next county treasurer! Visit to learn more and to view local endorsements.

Blake Woodall

Blake Woodall brings over two decades of experience in audit and finance to his candidacy for Davis County Treasurer. With a career spanning public accounting, corporate finance (including roles at Deseret Management Corporation), and complex government entities, where Blake has honed his skills in financial analysis and process improvement. For the past seven years, he has served as the Internal Auditor in the Davis County Auditor’s Office, collaborating with various departments, including the Treasurer’s Office. This comprehensive experience has equipped Blake with a deep understanding of the Challenges facing the Treasurer’s Office and the insight needed to implement effective solutions.

Davis School Board Dist. 1

Alex Densley
I was born and raised in Bountiful. I attended all public schools in the district and was a custodian for many years for them. I am the middle child. I am married with two kids that are entering the school system. I like being involved and do multiple things in the community. I enjoy spending time with my family and doing activities with them.

Alisa Mercer

As a mother of three children in the Davis School District, I am grateful for our exceptional teachers and staff. My commitment to our community includes serving as a parent representative on school Community Councils and on the PTA. As the former Director of Client Services at the Bountiful Food Pantry, I have demonstrated organizational leadership, community bridge-building, and fiscal responsibility. I also have experience as an instructor, helping adults complete their high school diplomas and training teachers in literacy methodologies. As your representative on the Davis School Board, I commit to ensuring high-quality education for ALL students.

Melanie Mortensen

Melanie is a mother of four and a former teacher with a deep passion for education. She has worked at every level of public education, council and committee, including parent outreach and administrative liaison. Melanie loves teaching and her children were involved in charter and homeschool education at different times in their educational careers. She has spent the past few years working with the state legislature and state board of education, and has a concrete knowledge of how the education process works. 

Melanie has many gifts, including a special talent for empathy, communication and understanding. She is honest and trustworthy, and is committed to being accountable and transparent with her research and decisions. Melanie was raised in Farmington and has raised her family in Bountiful. She is truly the best fit to represent south Davis County on the Davis School Board.

State Auditor

Ricky Hatch

Ricky Hatch is the only CPA and certified auditor in this race. He’s been Weber County’s Auditor since 2010 and has unmatched expertise and real conservative values. A BYU grad, Hatch has twice been recognized as County Auditor of the Year. Ricky represents the nation’s counties on a board that helps establish national governmental accounting standards. He’s testified before Congress twice. A CPA for 26 years with an unwavering commitment to root out waste, fraud and abuse, Ricky is the ideal candidate for Utah’s State Auditor. It just makes sense that our State Auditor should be … an auditor!

State Senate 8

Ron Mortensen

I am a Vietnam era veteran, retired diplomat and humanitarian having served under eight presidents; a Trustee of the South Davis Water District working to preserve the aquifers that provide our drinking water; a defender of Utah’s children against illegal immigrant driven, job-related child identity theft and I am able to build consensus in challenging situations. I am running because legislators pass hundreds of bills that they do not read or understand and because they listen to the elites more than to us. I will always listen to you and will only serve one term. Website:

Todd Weiler

I have lived in Woods Cross City for 27 years, and my wife and I have raised our family here in Davis County. After serving on the Woods Cross City Council, I was elected as the Davis County Republican Party Chair and the Davis Chamber of Commerce Chair. I’ve served on the boards of Lakeview Hospital and United Way as well as the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum. I am pro-life, pro-family, and pro Second Amendment.

State Representatives

Stewart Barlow - Dist. 17

As a fiscal conservative, surgeon, and businessman, I prioritize economic growth, job creation, and defending limited government. Currently, I chair the Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Sub-Appropriations in the House, also serving on Revenue and Taxation, and Health and Human Services committees. A lifelong Davis County resident, happily married to my wife for four decades, and proud parent of six, I hold degrees from the University of Utah and Georgetown Medical School. Advocating for healthcare, business, and Utah’s prosperity, I ensure your voice resonates in Capitol Hill for a better-managed state.

Daniela Harding - Dist. 16

Daniela Harding, a lifelong Republican, calls Layton home with her husband and three teenagers. Her involvement in the Layton community has been extensive. She has served as a Layton Planning Commissioner and as a Central Davis Junior High Community Council member. She most recently served as the Davis County Republican Party Chair from 2019-2023. Daniela believes local control by local citizens with minimal intrusion from government is the best way to govern. She is also a strong advocate for responsible development, lowering the tax burdens on families, and ensuring we have a strong infrastructure. For more information, please visit

Tenna Hartman - Dist. 19

Tenna Hartman, Bountiful resident for 27 years, epitomizes resilience and determination. Her husband, Audie, is a Hill Air Force Base employee. They have raised five children and enjoy four wonderful grandchildren. Tenna’s journey from single mother to successful entrepreneur and business owner reflects her unwavering spirit. A University of Utah graduate, she has 35 years of expertise in business, health insurance, sales, and marketing. Beyond business, Tenna’s roles as Joan of Arc, President of the United Women’s Forum, Director of Utah Patriot Camp, and motivational speaker exemplify her commitment to empowering others. A dedicated leader, she enriches the community she loves.

Trevor Lee - Dist. 16

Trevor lives in Layton with his wife Kaitlin and four kids. He graduated from Davis high school and has a degree from Weber state university. 

Trevor’s professional background is in business, management, finance, loans and insurance.

As the current representative, and Republican Party Endorsed candidate, he’s dedicated to upholding our conservative values, closely listening to the districts needs, and helping lead the charge on tough issues. On Capitol Hill, he’s proven to be a team player, bringing stakeholders together to get results. He’s honored to served district 16, and always here to help.

Ray Ward - Dist. 19

Ray Ward represents Bountiful and West Bountiful in the Utah House of Representatives, where he currently serves as the House Chair of the Social Services Appropriations Committee. Important issues for him are reducing health care costs, battling the opioid epidemic, supporting public education, maintaining a favorable environment for families and businesses, and keeping a healthy Great Salt Lake.  

Ray is a family physician at Cope Family Medicine/Ogden Clinic in Bountiful. He received an MD-PhD degree from the University of Washington. He and his wife, Beverly, raised their three children in Bountiful and they enjoy playing Pickleball with friends