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Trails to explore this summer: Deuel Creek South Trail

Jun 14, 2024 08:57AM ● By Bailey Chism
Waterfall at the end of the 3.9 mile Deuel Creek South trail in Centerville. Photo by Bailey Chism

Waterfall at the end of the 3.9 mile Deuel Creek South trail in Centerville. Photo by Bailey Chism

There are thousands of miles of hiking trails throughout Utah. Some are more suited to rugged, multi-day backpacking trips, but there are innumerable “out and back” or “loop” trails to choose from. 

More than 70% of Utah is public land. This includes five national parks, 9 million acres of national forest, millions of acres belonging to the national monuments and national recreation areas, and 42% of the state’s land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. These all add up to unbelievable choices for hiking trails that would take more than a lifetime to complete. 

If you’re not looking to drive for hours to reach a good hiking spot, there are plenty to choose from in the Salt Lake area. One of those being the Deuel Creek South Trail in Davis County. The 3.9 mile “out and back” trail in Centerville could be described as moderately challenging, with a fairly steep incline at some parts. But the scenery will make it all worth it. 

Surrounded by lush greenery and trees with a beautiful creek rushing by, the beauty of the trail can make you forget you’re out of breath. The creek does a good job of keeping the area pretty cool, but it can still get hot, so make sure to bring plenty of water if you go down this trail. While it’s shaded for most of the hike, you won’t be completely hidden from the sun, so plan accordingly with sun protection. 

If you have a furry friend who loves to join you on these outdoor adventures, this trail is perfect for them. Dogs are welcome, but do need to be on-leash for certain parts of the trail. The first stretch will have you walking across a slight ledge that’s crumbling to the side a bit, so keep a tight hold on them until you get across. The trail will lead you to the beautiful waterfall fueling the creek you trek beside on the way up. A rope swing hangs nearby for kids to enjoy after the trip. 

Keep an eye out for poison ivy and rattlesnakes along the trail, especially if you’re traveling with children or dogs. It has also been recommended that you wear waterproof shoes if you plan on hiking this trail, as it tends to be muddy in June and your feet might get wet when crossing the bridges. 

Overall, it’s a very enjoyable hike that isn't too taxing and has a beautiful view at the end. Block out a few hours for this hike, as it will take you a few hours to complete. This is just one hike Davis County has to offer, as the summer goes on, there are sure to be many popular trails to explore.