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Staying fit without the gym

Jun 14, 2024 09:17AM ● By Braden Nelsen
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DAVIS COUNTY—For many people, going to the gym is just not an option. Whether it’s time, cost, or just not wanting to work out in front of people who almost live at the gym, there are plenty of reasons not to want to get a membership. For those that don’t want to workout in public, but still want to stay fit this summer, however, there are some fantastic options available in this day and age.


While it may not suit everyone, yoga is a great way to keep both mind and body sharp in the privacy of your own home. There may be many places that offer yoga classes, but for the introverted or budget-conscious, there are plenty of videos on YouTube and other online outlets that offer guided practice for all levels.

Pros: Yoga focuses on building strength through stretches, holding postures, and mindful breathing, and, if followed exactly, and through to the end of the practice, can be a complete full-body workout.

Cons: Yoga is often done better with at least a mat, if not several yoga blocks and or bands to increase resistance, or enhance poses. Yoga is also short on cardio, so it may take longer to burn off fat.


It may sound like your grandfather’s exercise, but calisthenics is still an extremely effective way to exercise without the need for any equipment. Calisthenics uses a person’s own bodyweight as resistance for things like pushups, planks, wall squats, and more, and provides variety for an at-home workout.

Pros: Any group of muscles can be worked using calisthenics, and it can be done virtually anywhere.

Cons: Like any workout, it can be extremely tiring, and hard to fit into a busy schedule. Consistency and regularity are needed to see results.


Summer is the perfect time to get away to the mountains in Davis County. The mountains along the Wasatch Front provide cooler temperatures, often more shade, and unbeatable vistas looking out over the valley. Once a necessity, hiking scratches an ancestral itch to get out into nature, and enjoy every facet.

Pros: Hiking strengthens leg muscles, and is great cardio, improving lung and heart health. Great exercise, and great views.

Cons: Hiking can only be done outdoors without equipment. It can be hard on the knees, and back, and usually involves other people on the trail. Some trails can be dangerous because of terrain or wildlife.


Despite living in a high desert, there are many opportunities for Davis County-ites to take a plunge, whether that be in a reservoir, lake, pond, or pool. Lap swimming provides one of the most comprehensive full-body workouts around, and improves muscle mass, burns fat, and increases cardio health.

Pros: Dozens of different workouts in one. Every muscle group can be worked during a lap swim, and it can all be done in a relatively short amount of time.

Cons: The lead-up, and clean-up of swimming take plenty of time: showering, dressing, changing, etc. all take a lot of time. Chlorine can be damaging to hair and skin.


The last on the list is something that may seem like a no-brainer, but recent studies have shown it’s actually more beneficial than you might think. Walking, especially immediately following a meal, can really help metabolism, and digestion, and kickstarting the burning of calories. It also has been shown to help with depression, anxiety, and a host of other issues.

Pros: Walking, while better out of doors, can be done in or out of the house. It can be done by most anyone, anywhere, and at any time of year.

Cons: Walking is very low impact, which means that any results from this exercise will be hard to see. 

Whatever you do to stay active, the key, like calisthenics, is consistency, and this goes to show that there’s no need to go to a gym if the desire isn’t there. There’s always something that can be done to help stay fit in both body and mind.